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Guo Wenqing Attends 2018 Summer Davos Forum and Inspects Tianjin Juilliard School Project on Behalf of MCC Group
CopyFrom: Date:25 September 2018
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  On September 18-20, "Summer Davos" in Asia: Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2018 was held in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin. With the fourth industrial revolution as theme, this year’s session is the largest World Economic Forum summit so far. In the morning on September 19, Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center of Tianjin. Guo Wenqing, General Manager and Chairman of MCC Group and Deputy Secretary of leading Party group, attended the meeting on behalf of MCC Group, and listened to the address of Premier Li Keqiang.

  Li Keqiang said that, the years since the founding of Summer Davoscoincided with a period when all parties worked to tackle with international crisis and pushed for global economic recovery. After twists and turns, world economy as a whole has showed signs of recovery. However, amid the current international landscape, we are witnessing increasing instabilities and uncertainties, as well as the rise of anti-globalization. As a result, all parties are considering how to sustain and grow new drivers to ensure sustained and steady growth of world economy. It was highly relevant for this session to have had the theme “Shaping an Innovation-oriented Society in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

  Li Keqiang pointed out that President Xi Jinping, in his keynote speech at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in the beginning of last year, elaborated on China’s strong commitment in pursuing economic globalization, safeguarding free trade, and boosting innovation-driven development. As this year marks the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, we have taken this as an opportunity to roll out a series of major measures in deepening reform, expanding opening up, and pushing for innovation.

  Li Keqiang said that it is imperative to safeguard economic globalization if we are to grow new drivers for world economy in the new industrial revolution. Rule-based multi-lateral trading regime, as the cornerstone of economic globalization and free trade, should be respected and protected in both authority and efficacy. Unilateralism would never solve problems. All parties should draw strength from each other and join hands to accelerate the progress of new industrial revolution. It is important to pursue more inclusive development that brings benefits to more people. It is also important to boost innovation and development of interconnection, and expand more space for growing new drivers.

  Li Keqiang said that China has made great efforts in nurturing and growing new drivers of economic development. Over the past years, amid sluggish world economy and downward pressure on China’s economy, China has discarded strong stimulus policies that would have an economy-wide impact. Rather, China has implemented new development concept and been determined in reform and innovation. We have seized upon opportunities brought along by new industrial revolution, leveraged on the advantages of human resources, market scale and other aspects. We have worked to nurture and grow new drivers, and replace old drivers with new ones. We have made strenuous efforts to streamline administration and reduce tax and fees, which has greatly stimulated market vitality and enhanced the creativity of the whole society. We have been inclusive and prudent in supervision, which has boosted the thriving development of emerging industries. We have encouraged mass entrepreneurship and innovation, which has released social creativity. Thanks to the hard work, the growth of new drivers has exceeded expectation, which has played a key supportive role in maintaining stable economic growth, adjusting economic structure, and expanding social employment.

  Li Keqiang also introduced China’s economic landscape and policies. He said that China’s economy grew at a rate of 6.8% in the first half of this year, and has maintained a middle-high rate of 6.7%-6.9% for 12 consecutive quarters. As a whole, China’s economy has maintained progress while ensuring stability, and new growth drivers are growing, which ensure the sound economic fundamentals. China’s economic development is at a crucial stage when old drivers are being replaced by new ones, which means that many difficulties and challenges exist. We have upheld the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, and pursued supply-side structural reform as our main task. We have further stimulated market vitality, strengthened internal impetus, and released domestic demand potential. The objective is to ensure medium-high growth rate and move Chinese industries up to the medium-high end of the global value chain.

  First, China will work harder to push for reform and opening up. We will deepen reform in all areas, and implement the reform of streamlining administration and delegating powers, and strengthening regulation and improving service. We will further relax control over market access and reduce general tariff level. We work to create a level playing field for enterprises of all forms of ownership, including both foreign and domestic-funded enterprises. We will carry out and improve policies and measures that support private economy.

  Second, we will make greater efforts to adjust structure. We will offer strong support to emerging industries and service sector, and work to realize a quality revolution of China’s manufacturing industry and service industry. We will create more channels to increase people’s income, so as to boost people’s spending power. We will provide more public goods and services, and propel economic development and improve people’s livelihood. We will take measures to retain investment, and guide the extensive participation of the society.

  Third, we will work harder to encourage innovation. We will improve policies and identify innovative mechanisms. We will expand two spaces, namely industrial internet and “internet+public services”. We will shape a new startup and innovation layout featuring the combination of on-line and off-line players and the integration of all kinds of parties, so as to enhance the quality of startup and innovation. We will implement stricter intellectual property protection system, and crack down upon those behaviors that violate the intellectual property of home and abroad enterprises. We will impose doubled punishment on violators and make them pay an unbearable price.

  Around 2,500 representatives of all sectors from 100-plus countries and regions attended the meeting, including Schwab, Chairman of World Economic Forum, Vučić, President of Serbia, Vējonis, President of Latvia, Kaljulaid, President of Estonia, Tuilaepa, Prime Minister of Samoa, and other state leaders.

  During their stay in Tianjin, Guo Wenqing and his delegation inspected the site of Tianjin Juilliard School project developed and constructed by MCC Real Estate Group and undertaken by MCC Tiangong Group. They also had a meeting with Zheng Weiming, Director of the Administrative Committee of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area.

  During the inspection, Guo Wenqing expressed solicitude to leaders and workers at the site, and learned the latest progress, quality, and safety of the project, and the efforts to seek excellence. He inquired about the progress of key construction sections and difficulties and problems they faced, and proposed requirements on relevant work. Guo Wenqing recognized the hard efforts of all participating parties and the phased results they made. He expressed heartfelt thanks to them for their hard work, and encouraged them to renew their efforts, and deliver a good job in Tianjin Juilliard School project. He pointed out that, as one of the 20 key projects of MCC Group in 2018, Tianjin Juilliard School project entails high technical content and will exert strong social influence. So it is imperative to realize the political significance and importance of the project. All participating parties should work to fulfill the mission and responsibilities of central enterprises, make elaborate arrangements and planning, ensure science-based operation, and seek to build the project into a quality and role model one. First, they should make scientific arrangement, ensure precision management, quality, safety, and due progress of the project, so as to deliver a satisfactory job to home owners and Tianjin people. Second, they should strengthen construction management to ensure a quality project, make preparations in advance, and work to gain more awards, so as to enhance the reputation and visibility of MCC Group. Third, they should harness such a project with multiple difficulties and highlights to build a strong pool of technical professionals, and a team capable of building cultural and musical projects and large venues, as a way to form a cluster of technical achievements and quality projects. Fourth, they should bear in mind the corporate spirit of “No work should be delayed for even one day”, and ensure the outstanding performance of each task.

  Afterwards, Guo Wenqing met with Zheng Weiming, Director of the Administrative Committee of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, in the meeting room of Tianjin Juilliard School project. They expressed their willingness to work together for the construction of the project, and make joint efforts to build a world-class music hall in Tianjin. They also made in-depth exchange and communication over how to further enhance cooperation between enterprises and other social partners.

  Others attending the above-mentioned activities included: Jia Liang, General Manager of Tianjin New Finance Investment Co., Ltd., Zhang Jinsong, General Manager of the company, Yang Shitai, Chairman of Tianjin Yujiapu Holding (Group), Zhang Mengxing, Deputy Party Secretary and President of MCC Group, and relevant staff of MCC Group, such as Liu Fuming, Zhou Qing, Ma Xiaoyang, and Chen Xuejun, and relevant staff of the International Business Management Department of MCC Group.


  Guo Wenqing attends the 2018 Summer Davos Forum


  Scene of the Forum


  Guo Wenqing meets staff of Tianjin Juilliard School project


  Guo Wenqing inspects Tianjin Juilliard School project