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Guo Wenqing Visits Group Company Enterprises in Shenzhen to Convey Greetings and Investigates and Inspects Minmetals Financial Building Project Site
CopyFrom: Date:06 February 2018
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  On February 5th, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Dog, Group Company General Manager & Party Organization Deputy Secretary and MCC Group President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing visited some of the Group Company’s enterprises stationed in Shenzhen to conduct investigations and inspections, and conveyed greetings and best wishes for the Spring Festival to the front line staff and workers.

  Guo Wenqing and his delegation first went to the Minmetals Securities Shenzhen Office located in the Shenzhen Rongchao Economic and Trade Center to visit and convey greetings to Minmetals Securities’ staff in Shenzhen layer by layer, and give everyone full recognition and sincere thanks for their hard work over the past year. He pointed out that at the beginning of last year, the Group Company put forward the struggling goal of ‘walking for three steps, two doubling’. In 2017, all of the operation indexes were good and the Group successfully achieved its profit target of RMB 10 billion, marking a good start in ‘walking for three steps, two doubling’, taking a solid and exciting first step, and laying a solid foundation for realizing the goal of becoming a metal mining group which is ‘First in China and first-class in the world’. These achievements were the result of everyone’s joint efforts, to which Minmetals Capital made great contributions and its subsidiary Minmetals Securities turned in steady and outstanding performance, and made contributions to the completion of the Group Company’s profit targets.

  After holding cordial exchanges with the employees, Guo Wenqing said, “The strength of ships is in their sails while the strength of people is in their hearts.” Minmetals Securities is a young and highly educated outstanding team. It is necessary to make good use of and stimulate the strength of talents, forming the resultant force of ‘thinking and acting together’. Guo Wenqing also put forward two expectations for all employees: first, it is vital to adhere to the cause, explore the cause with the entrepreneur’s spirit of persevering and never giving up, and cultivate love and loyalty for the enterprise; and second, it is important to choose the right perspective from which to look at problems. ‘People can change things’. Facing the same problems, if different perspectives and methods are deployed, the results and effectiveness will naturally be different.

  Next, Guo Wenqing went to the Shenzhen Office Area of Minmetals and Jingyi Futures at the Shenzhen New World Center, expressed his festival greetings to all employees, carefully inquired about everyone's work and life conditions, and heard an introduction to the research work of the Minmetals Economic Research Institute. Guo Wenqing pointed out that futures are a bridge linking the financial industry with real industries. On the one hand, Minmetals and Jingyi Futures shall do a good job in researching the varieties of existing futures, actively participate in the research work of the Minmetals Economic Research Institute, put more energy into researching copper, nickel and other core metal products of the Group Company, and provide more high-quality research reports; on the other hand, close attention should be paid to the industry development direction of the Group Company’s rare earth ore trading and preservation, and other major products, actively provide suggestions for the Group Company’s industrial transformation and upgrading, and devote time and energy to researching ways and means for the internal industry companies of the Group Company to effectively solve the practical problems in their production and operation, and give full play to their roles in serving the real economy.

  On the same day, Guo Wenqing also investigated and surveyed MCC South China Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and listened to work reports given by representatives of the MCC Group’s 13 enterprises in South China. Guo Wenqing first expressed his festival greetings to the employees of MCC’s Shenzhen subsidiaries, wishing everyone all the best and happiness for their families in the New Year. After listening to the detailed work results of the 13 enterprises in 2017, Guo Wenqing gave his full affirmation. He then pointed out that Shenzhen is China's window for reform and opening up, and the region with the greatest strength and vitality. South China, especially Shenzhen and its surrounding regions, has a developed economy, strong vitality, high innovation degree, enormous potential and great market prospects, and it is also the MCC Group’s most important regional market. He added that all units of the MCC Group should fully seize the development opportunities in Shenzhen and its surrounding regions, ‘look for the market in places with vitality’ and continuously work hard to develop, strengthen and penetrate the regional market of South China.

  In terms of the MCC’s development in South China, Guo Wenqing put forward three clear requirements: first, the MCC South China Company should stand at the commanding height of the Group Company to carry out unified scheduling and vigorously promote market development. The Group Company’s design and construction enterprises shall all obey unified coordination and strengthen their overall coordination and centralized management in accordance with regional arrangements, thereby avoiding the waste of manpower and material resources. It is necessary to strengthen coordination without separation, and it is vital to stress discipline without acting willfully. Second, it is important to strengthen the MCC South China Company’s scale and strength. The MCC South China Company has strong growth potential, and the South China branch of each subsidiary can apply for membership if they wish to. The MCC Group will coordinate and unify the organization to establish a strong MCC brand image, never focus on the short term while neglecting the long term, cultivate a sense of urgency and crisis, and never miss good opportunities. Third, it is vital to further strengthen the Party building work of South China enterprises and establish the Party and work committees of enterprises in Shenzhen. The MCC Group should give full play to the political advantages of a state-owned enterprise, enhance the development vitality, control force, influence and anti-risk ability of its subsidiaries in South China, stimulate the initiative and enthusiasm of all Party members and cadres, forge ahead with determination and dare to shoulder responsibilities and start business.

  During his visit to Shenzhen, Guo Wenqing also went to the construction site of the Minmetals Financial Building Project where he carried out an inspection, visited and conveyed greetings to all the employees of the Project Department and representatives of all participating units, and shook hands with the onsite workers one by one. After inquiring in detail about the project’s construction situation, Guo Wenqing pointed out that this project is located in the Houhai Financial Headquarters Region, a good geographical location with mature surrounding supporting facilities. In the follow-up construction, it is necessary to strictly control the quality, strengthen onsite progress management and speed up construction on the premise of ensuring safety and quality, thereby ensuring that Minmetals Securities, Minmetals and Jingyi Futures and other enterprises stationed in Shenzhen can enter as soon as possible. After learning that the project has achieved ‘zero accidents’ in safety production since its commencement, Guo Wenqing stressed that the highest priority must be given to safety production and it is necessary to pay persistent attention without any lapse.

  The investigation was attended by Group Company Assistant General Manager and Minmetals Capital President & Party Committee Secretary Ren Zhufeng, MCC Group & MCC Standing Party Committee Member and MCC Vice-President Wang Shilei, Minmetals Capital Deputy General Manager and Minmetals Securities General Manager Zhao Ligong, Minmetals and Jingyi Futures General Manager Zhang Bizhen, MCC South China President and Party Committee Secretary Wang Zhenzhi, MCC South China General Manager Fan Yaozhong and others.