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Guo Wenqing Attends Group Company and KGHM’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Activity
CopyFrom: Date:27 November 2017
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  On the evening of November 24th, the 20th Anniversary Celebration Activity between the Group Company and KGHM was held in Beijing. Group Company General Manager and MCC Group President Guo Wenqing, KGHM President Radoslaw Domagalski, Polish Embassy in Beijing First Counselor and Temporary Commission Agent Gao Lei, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Vice President Shang Fushan attended the celebration, made speeches and jointly witnessed the historic moment of the 20th anniversary of cooperation between China Minmetals and KGHM.

  The cooperation relationship of China Minmetals and KGHM began in 1997 when both sides signed a 5,000-ton electrolytic copper purchase and sales agreement. Later, both sides successively signed a 5-year long-term agreement and a long-term purchase framework agreement. China Minmetals has become the exclusive agent for KGHM’s sales in China and their strategic cooperation has been comprehensively upgraded. For 20 years, the contract quantities and amounts of both sides have reached new highs many times, the total quantity of electrolytic copper purchase and sales has developed from the original 1,000 tons to an accumulative total of over 800,000 tons, and the annual contract amount has rocketed from initially more than USD 20 million to an all-time high of nearly USD 600 million. For 20 years, both sides have made outstanding contributions to the booming of trade balance and economic and trade contact between China and Poland. China Minmetals has become the Chinese enterprise with the largest total amount of commodities imported from Poland. KGHM’s market share in China has been continuously consolidated and improved. The large cooperation scale, long-term partnership and fruitful achievements of both sides have set up a surveyor's pole for the enterprises of both countries; for 20 years, both sides have witnessed the continuous deepening of China and Poland’s traditional friendship and cultural exchange, and their joint funding and rebuilding of ‘China Avenue’ in Warsaw’s Royal Lazienki Park has become an important window for Polish and even European people to learn about China.

  In his speech, Guo Wenqing warmly welcomed all the distinguished guests on behalf of China Minmetals. He then reviewed China Minmetals and KGHM’s 20-year history of friendly cooperation, pointing out that China Minmetals and KGHM’s cooperation has developed from a prelude to a brilliant work, benefited from the concern, great kindness and strong support of Chinese and Polish leaders in all previous sessions, and benefited from the consistent insistence on mutual trust, mutual benefits and win-win results of both sides. China Minmetals and KGHM are both cooperative partners and close friends. Their 20-year cooperation course has seen the two enterprises realize great-leap-forward development. Their abundant strengths have laid a more solid foundation and cast a starting point for future cooperation at a higher level.

  Guo Wenqing emphasized that the 19th National Congress of the CPC was recently convened at which it was announced to Congress that the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. This is not only a new era for China but also for the whole world. China adheres to the important concept of ‘building a human destiny community’ and energetically practices the ‘Belt and Road’ proposal. As Poland is an important pivot on the ‘Belt and Road’ route, the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Poland has become increasingly close. During the ‘Belt and Road’ Forum for International Cooperation this year, the MCC Group signed a contract with KGHM subordinate the Paiboka Joint-Stock Company[A2]  regarding establishing a project consortium and opening up new fields for both sides in engineering cooperation. China Minmetals and KGHM will step from traditional trade cooperation to a new stage of whole industry chain cooperation, further devote greater efforts and set examples in resource development, metallurgical processing, trade logistics, infrastructure construction, investment & financing and other fields, and promote their cooperation to continuously deepen and broaden into further fields.

  Guo Wenqing hopes that the cooperation between the China Minmetals and KGHM will be as long as the Yangtze River and River Vistula. He hopes that both sides will make progress together, jointly compose new chapters of cooperation and development between the enterprises of their respective countries in a new era, and make further contributions to promoting economic and trade contact and cultural exchange between China and Poland.

  In his speech, Radoslaw Domagalski first thanked China Minmetals for their elaborate preparation of this celebration activity. He then pointed out that KGHM and China Minmetals’ development from mutual understanding to mutual agreement, from joint cooperation to mutual trust, from commercial intercourse to cultural fusion, to work despite the wind and rain, fight side by side and join hands, has taken an extraordinary course. China is the largest electrolytic copper import and consumption country. By virtue of its import and export trade cooperation on electrolytic copper with China Minmetals, KGHM’s products enjoy a higher popularity in the Chinese market. Under the sincere cooperation between both sides, the trade volume of electrolytic copper has reached 880,000 tons. Looking forward to the future, KGHM is willing to continuously adhere to the concept of mutual trust and win-win results with China Minmetals, give full play to the respective talent and technology advantages of both sides, further expand their cooperation fields, deepen their cooperation level and jointly make greater contributions to economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchange between Poland and China.

  In his speech, Gao Lei congratulated KGHM and China Minmetals on the 20th anniversary of their cooperation. He then pointed out that the Polish Embassy in Beijing will support the economic and trade cooperation between KGHM and China Minmetals as always. He is filled with anticipation for their even more glorious cooperation over the next 20 years.

  In his speech, Shang Fushan said that in these 20 years, regardless of how the international metal market changed, China Minmetals and KGHM insisted on the performance of the contract, which can be called a cooperation model of the industry. The cooperation between China Minmetals and KGHM will surely continue to develop by virtue of the ‘Belt and Road’.

  Before the celebration activity, Guo Wenqing and Radoslaw Domagalski held a meeting regarding further expanding and deepening the cooperation between both sides. Guo Wenqing spoke highly of their friendly cooperation history and introduced the relevant conditions of China Minmetals after the strategic recombination. He emphasized that President Xi Jinping pays close attention to the development of the relationship between China and Poland, and he witnessed the signing of the long-term cooperation agreement between China Minmetals and KGHM, which laid the foundation and clarified the direction for both sides to deepen their high-level cooperation and joint long-term development. China Minmetals hopes to devote itself to building a long-term, stable and persistent cooperation partnership with KGHM, and promote their cooperation to develop in deeper and wider directions. Radoslaw Domagalski reviewed the 20-year friendly cooperation history between both sides and the relevant circumstances surrounding accompanying the Polish Prime Minister to meet with President Xi Jinping in May of this year. He mentioned that the economic and trade cooperation between Poland and China is an important business card for diplomacy between the two countries, and it is a great honor that KGHM can take part. The Polish Government pays close attention to and supports the economic and trade cooperation between KGHM and China Minmetals. KGHM hopes to cooperate with China Minmetals in more fields and continuously deepen and develop their mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with sincerity and mutual trust.

  The abovementioned activities were attended by Group Company leaders Dong Mingjun, Shen Ling and Zhang Zhaoxiang, KGHM Overseas Assets Vice President Michael Jagrow, International Development Executive Director Adam Brozek and Sino-Poland Friendship Foundation President Tian Qing, as well as relevant personnel of KGHM, the Group Company Headquarters departments and Minmetals International.


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