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State Councilor Wang Yong Inspects and Guides Safety Production Work at Group Company’s Enterprises in Hunan
CopyFrom: Date:12 September 2017
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  On September 1st, State Councilor Wang Yong inspected and guided the safety production work of the Group Company’s Shizhuyuan Company and Chenzhou Fluorine Chemistry Company, listened to the work reports of the two enterprises, thoroughly learned about the actual safety production conditions of the front line construction sites, spoke highly of the two enterprises’ safety production work and put forward expectations and requirements. The investigation was accompanied by China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Deputy Party Committee Secretary and MCC Group President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing, Hunan Province Deputy Governor Yang Guangrong and others.

  At China Tungsten and High-Tech’s Shizhuyuan Company, State Councilor Wang Yong first visited the production command and dispatch center, listened to Shizhuyuan Company Party Committee Secretary and General Manager He Binquan’s safety production work report, learned in detail about the complete flow process of the Shizhuyuan Company’s production operation, safety management system construction and ‘one list and four-systems’ full-process closed-loop implementation of potential safety hazards, as well as tailing storage, tail water treatment and other safety and environmental protection measures and effects, carefully checked the video surveillance footage of all the Company’s production points and work levels through the big screen, and gained an understanding of the effects and functions of the production dispatching platform. Wang Yong spoke highly of the Company’s intelligent safety production equipment, IT application in management and other work. He pointed out that safety production is the primary responsibility of cadres at all levels. With the Company’s continuous development, all production management systems have also been constantly improved to better adapt to the demands of safety production.

  Soon afterwards, State Councilor Wang Yong expertly changed into work clothes in the duty room of the Shizhuyuan Multi-Metal Mining Area, put on a mining helmet with a lamp and thoroughly guided the safety work at the Shaft 490 under-shaft production site of the mining area. At Shaft 490, Wang Yong thoroughly inspected and learned about the company’s under-shaft tunneling, explosions, ground pressure monitoring, personnel location, trackless transport and other safety management work conditions, and carefully inquired about the relevant technology and safety management measures and other problems of the under-shaft medium-length hole ‘World First Explosive’ with a total explosive payload of 821.4 tons. At the K4-8 digging work level of Shaft 490, State Councilor Wang Yong greeted the onsite workers, expressed his sincere sympathy and asked that the construction operators on the work level must abide by safe operation regulations and pay constant attention to safety for both themselves and their family members. The onsite workers successively responded that they are grateful for the concern of the leaders, and they intend to make efforts in their work to guarantee safety. At the ore shoveling points of Main Ore Pass No. 4 of Shaft 490, Wang Yong emphasized to the onsite operation personnel, “Even the best equipment is operated by people and must be operated in accordance with code requirements. The equipment can be tired but safety cannot be neglected. Protecting health and lives can never be neglected.” In the inspection process, Wang Yong also encountered a safety officer implementing a safety inspection in the multi-metal mining area and inquired about the onsite safety management conditions. After learning that the safety officer is a university graduate majoring in safety management, Wang Yong encouraged him to reinforce his studies, learn in order to practice and raise the safety management level through technical promotion.

  Before leaving Shaft 490, State Councilor Wang Yong shook hands with onsite workers. He emphasized that the Shizhuyuan Company[A1] ’s safety production job performance deserves to be affirmed, but all performance is in the past. There is only a starting point in safety but no destination, and safety is forever on the way. It is necessary to unswervingly carry out the deployment of the Party Central Committee and State Council’s decision to reinforce safety production work, firmly set up safe development concepts and practically reinforce red line awareness. It is hoped that the company will make persistent efforts, keep safety in mind without becoming tired, strengthen safety management without slacking, guarantee safety with zero risks and create a stable safety production environment for the successful convening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  On the same day, State Councilor Wang Yong carried out an onsite survey and inspection of Nonferrous Metal’s Chenzhou Fluorine Chemistry Company. General Manager Zhang Yongzhong introduced the company’s production, operation, safety, environmental protection, technical innovation, reform, development and other relevant circumstances. Wang Yong spoke highly of the company’s safety production work. He hopes that the company will earnestly implement the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to strengthen safety production work, practically enhance the ‘Four Consciousnesses’, adhere to the red line in safety, take serious measures to implement responsibilities, adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude, take determined and powerful measures, thoroughly carry out major inspections and comprehensive supervision and examination for safety production, comprehensively check potential safety hazards and guarantee that the safety production situation steadily tends towards good prospects.

  The abovementioned inspection activities were attended by Chenzhou Municipal Party Secretary Yi Pengfei and Mayor Liu Zhiren, and Group Company Deputy General Manager and Party Committee Member Li Fuli.