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China Minmetals Visits Aluminum Corporation of China Limited for Investigation, Survey and Exchange
He Wenbo, Guo Wenqing and Ge Honglin jointly discuss deepening reform, fitness and other topics
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 March 2017
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  On March 27th, China Minmetals Corporation Chairman & Party Secretary He Wenbo and General Manager & Deputy Party Secretary Guo Wenqing visited the Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (‘ACC’) where they met with ACC Chairman and Party Secretary Ge Honglin. Both parties held an exchange and discussion on such common concerns as comprehensively deepening reform, strengthening management and fitness, improving quality, increasing efficiency and so on. The meeting was attended by CMC leaders Dong Mingjun, Shen Ling, Li Lianhua, Li Fuli, Feng Guiquan and Lu Weidong, and ACC leaders Yu Dehui, Liu Caiming, Zhang Chengzhong, Liu Xiangmin, Liu Jianping and Lu Dongliang.

  Ge Honglin welcomed He Wenbo and his delegation and introduced the successful experience of ACC in deepening reform, strengthening management and fitness, improving quality and increasing efficiency in recent years. He pointed out that in the last two years, following the request of the Party Central Committee, State Council and SASAC concerning escaping losses and poverty, and confronted with a severe situation, ACC comprehensively strengthened its Party discipline, deepened its reform, enhanced its accurate management, made innovations in ‘Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division’ and group construction with eyes inward and hard training, and achieved a good start to its ‘13th Five-Year Plan’ with backflush accounting by improving quality, increasing efficiency and fitness, and promoting management.

  Regarding specific experience, the first point is the innovative measure of ‘Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division’, and the effectiveness of structural adjustment. With the concept of ‘doing well’, do a good job in scientific demonstration and project construction, and cultivate and develop new energy; with the concept of ‘relieving big shocks with little shocks’, enhance efforts for zombie enterprises and extremely difficult enterprises to reduce their losses; with the concept of ‘led by innovation-driven development’, accelerate fostering advantages to lead industrial development and improve control and influence; and with the concept of ‘limited resources and infinite originality’, strengthen accurate management, optimize the allocation of resources and increase capital return and labor productivity.

  The second point is deepening internal reform and the continuous optimization of the operational mechanism. On the one hand, make an overall plan to ensure that reform advances systematically; the main measures include the reinforcement of organizational leadership, the soundness of the working mechanism, the innovation of working method, the establishment of book accounts, the implementation of national policies and the perfection of the supporting system. On the other hand, implement responsibility and continuous deepening of internal reform; the main measures include the implementation of internal reform, the enhancement of integrated recombination, the acceleration of enterprise reform, the perfection of each company’s administrative structure, the deepening of incentive allocation and the innovation of the internal supervision model.

  The third point is to comprehensively strengthen Party discipline and provide strong political protection. First, implement the responsibility for policing and administering the Party; earnestly shoulder the entity responsibility to strengthen Party discipline, strictly commit to the Party Secretary’s first responsibility and perfect the institutional system. Next, enhance supervision and enforcement accountability; strictly investigate and prosecute cases that violate laws and rules, continuously carry out warning education, and enhance supervision and enforcement accountability. Lastly, pay close attention to the construction of implementation; insist on correct guidance, establish healthy trends, build a good team and fulfill assessments.

  He Wenbo thanked Ge Honglin for his warm reception and sharing of experience, and expressed admiration and appreciation for ACC’s active promotion of reform and remarkable results. He pointed out that the number of attending China Minmetals reform team members represents the largest number of personnel to attend a single exchange in the history of the two companies. In the deepening reform, fitness and so on, ACC started earlier and gained experience that CMC deems worthy of learning. He pointed out that this exchange was so fruitful that he hopes that relevant departments and units will continue to hold deep discussions of relevant topics and establish a long-term cooperative mechanism of exchange and business so as to further enhance mutual understanding and share experience. With the national ‘One Belt and One Road’ strategy, both companies will expand and deepen their cooperation on metal mining, engineering construction, centralized procurement and other fields, explore and exchange experience in Party building, and jointly attain positive performance in state-owned enterprise reform under the effects of Party building and reformation. He stressed that the main purpose of this visit was to learn the spirits of ACC, especially its ‘Strong execution capability in concrete reality’ spirit of group construction and style construction.

  Combining the business advantages of CMC and ACC, He Wenbo analyzed the scope and possibility of cooperation in the two companies’ industrial chains, and offer proposals of dislocation and complementary development. He hopes that both sides will strengthen their business exchange, explore opportunities for cooperation and jointly contribute to the development of China's metal mining industry. He Wenbo also invited the leading group and related personnel of ACC to visit CMC for investigation, survey and exchange.

  Guo Wenqing thanked Ge Honglin for sharing ACC’s experience and pointed out that both CMC and ACC are leading enterprises in China’s metal mining field, but they still find themselves in a relatively difficult period at present on account of the poor market environment, greater financial and labor costs caused by cyclical metal mining factors, and urgent need to deepen reform and enhance fitness. Against this backdrop, continued exchange between the two parties will not only lead to greater resonance, but is in fact the definition of mutual learning. To achieve the purpose of ‘Two years to recover and three years to develop’, CMC needs to learn ACC’s innovative measure of ‘Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division’, especially for the enhancement of fitness. In addition, regarding Party construction and discipline inspection, CMC will strictly learn the advanced leadership experience so as to inspire the courage and energy of cadres and staff, and do a good job in enterprise reform. Guo Wenqing stressed that besides learning exchange, CMC and ACC can also give full play to their respective advantages and open markets to assist each other in exploring and creating further cooperation opportunities in the fields of production and mining research. Specifically, CMC and ACC should enjoy deeper cooperation in resource acquisition, smelting process equipment manufacturing and so on in the form of project cooperation. In terms of their core businesses, they should carry out asset replacement to achieve dislocation development and realize complementary advantages and win-win results.

  At the meeting, both sides held a warm and detailed discussion on methods and experience concerning the disposal of zombie enterprises and extremely difficult enterprises, personnel resettlement and deployment, standardizing directorate construction, creating a ‘Party Committee - Board Of Directors - General Manager's Office Meeting’ decision system, and strengthening the assessment and supervision of Party building.

  Before the meeting, accompanied by ACC leaders Ge Honglin and Yu Dehui, the delegation of He Wenbo and Guo Wenqing visited ACC’s exhibition hall to make a more vivid acquaintance of its relevant businesses and products.

  The meeting was attended by ACC personnel Ding Haiyan, He Zhihui, Liu Dongjun, Kan Baoyong, Wang Jun, Gao Guichao, Ou Xiaowu, Yuan Li, Nie Zhen, Yang Yanqing and Li Guoqian, and CMC personnel Pan Zhongyi, Xu Zhongfen, Zhang Ye, Yin Sisong, Zhao Zhi, Xue Fei, Zhang Shuqiang, Mo Chunlei, Zhao Xiaohong, Wang Xiaorong, Jin Zhifeng and Li Jiang.


  The delegation of He Wenbo visit ACC’s exhibition hall with Ge Honglin


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