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Guo Wenqing Deploys MCC's Key Reform and Development Work
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 March 2017
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  On March 28th, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing hosted and held MCC's Party and Government Joint Conference, and arranged and deployed the key work relevant to MCC's reform and development. The conference was attended by leading body members of MCC and Headquarters' cadres above the level of deputy director.

  Guo Wenqing stressed that all of MCC's work including market exploitation and project management is currently advancing in an orderly manner, and the enterprise is maintaining a stable development trend overall. However, we must clearly learn that new problems will appear and new challenges will be faced continuously in the process of enterprise development. It is necessary to deeply analyze the existing ‘bottleneck’ problems in development. It is not permissible to be careless and unconcerned or to relax one’s vigilance at any time, and it is necessary to solve problems through development.

  First, it is necessary to solve the problem of creating authorized, orderly, effective and strong Headquarters organs. In recent years, MCC has greatly grasped the construction of the Headquarters' organs and achieved prominent effects. The spiritual attitudes of cadres and staff have changed tremendously, and established the authority of the MCC Headquarters over the subsidiaries. It is necessary to persevere and continue consolidating and enhancing. In terms of MCC's current development position, it mostly lacks pioneers, pacesetters, warriors and fighters rather than advisers and counsellors in order to practice. Headquarters cadres above the level of deputy director should set an example, take the lead and give full play to the role of leadership. It is necessary to charge to the front by commanding from the back, sturdily carry out the work and further advance the authority of the MCC Headquarters. It is necessary to earnestly practice the simple yet profound MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, finish the work of each day without putting it off until tomorrow, and further boost the efficiency of the MCC Headquarters in handling affairs. It is necessary to create a sturdy Headquarters. The cadres and staff should be strong in will, conception, faith and action. The leading cadres at all levels should possess strong composure. They should never regard work as a trifling matter, act impetuously or be swayed by considerations of gain or loss.

  Second, it is necessary to solve the problems of reasonable layout and powerful promotion. MCC's thoughts regarding seizing and developing the market are correct. MCC is an enterprise deeply competing in a very competitive industry, so the market is the first urgent order of business for MCC's existence and development. As for market development, MCC's Headquarters and subsidiaries mustn't make vigorous ‘flowers without fruits’ and write superficial articles. It is necessary to analyze the market calmly, grasp the present favorable market opportunities firmly, and drive for market share with 2/3 of our energy, and it is also necessary to further deeply research and perfect the market layout by taking dead aim at problems and shortages. First, it is necessary to carry out the obligations and market development positioning of MCC's Headquarters and subsidiaries. MCC's Headquarters will take charge of the layout, supervision, urgency and coordination so as to create the environment and provide strong high-level services for subsidiaries. Meanwhile, we must reinforce the management and control of the whole process, strengthen the supervision and urgency in the whole process of market exploitation, and generate feedback concerning the results of market development. The subsidiaries comprise the source of our profits. It is necessary to feasibly undertake the main body responsibility of market development and firmly complete it. Second, we must identify key weak links. It is necessary to insist on ‘standing at the side and radiating all around’, and rapidly supplement and perfect the market layout of hotspot areas. It is necessary to popularize and standardize the marketing model in which large projects drive regional market development, depend on projects, let one unit guide a whole area, gradually cultivate and enlarge regional companies, and complete the all-round coverage of the market layout in hotspots and weak regions.

  Third, it is necessary to solve the construction problems of projects with meticulous organization and effective management and control. In the future, MCC should transfer its energy and make great efforts to grasp engineering project management, organize and develop on-site visits and emulation, and practically advance the level of engineering project management. Concurrently, it is necessary to maintain a strict standard for project sources, make careful scientific decisions about projects, and strictly control the risks of PPP projects.

  Fourth, it is necessary to solve the problems concerning the rapid opening of growth channels for diverse talents, and mobilizing the positivity and creativity of MCC's entire staff with great confidence and pleasure. It is necessary to spare no efforts to strongly open up scientific and diversified talent development channels, and ensure that talents at different posts are provided with different growth opportunities so as to fully mobilize the positive attitudes of cadres and staff for their work and entrepreneurship. Never allow problems to constrain, affect or disturb MCC's forward development with giant strides. It is necessary to strongly boost the construction of cadre teams and talent teams, with no personal relationships affecting the selection and appointment of cadres, regardless of how close or distant they may be. It is necessary to increase the cultivation and selection strength of young cadres and make them stand out through united, strict and normative selection standards and procedures. It is necessary to strengthen the learning and training of leading cadres and various kinds of professional talents. MCC's Headquarters and all subsidiaries should frequently organize learning discussion meetings concerning the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches, hold professional knowledge training classes and promote the work capability and business level of all cadres and staff.

  Fifth, it is necessary to solve the problems in the comprehension and implementation of the general requirement ‘Keep the original intention in mind and continue moving forward’ with high standards. In his important ‘July 1st’ speech last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed that the whole Party should keep the original intentions in mind and continue moving forward. All of MCC's Party members and cadres should deeply comprehend and carefully practice this general requirement. It is necessary to maintain the true quality of honesty. It is necessary to be honest and upright and create an honest cadre team. It is necessary to maintain the true quality of working hard and making efforts. Labor is the most glorious act and hard work brings achievements. Leading cadres at all levels, especially young cadres, should make unremitting efforts, struggle hard, act positively, work hard and sensible, complete every task step by step and strive to realize the ‘Chinese Dream’ of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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