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Guo Wenqing Meets Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Standing Committee Member and Tongliao Municipal PartyCommittee Secretary Song Liang
CopyFrom:MCC Date:27 February 2017
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  On February 27th, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager and Party Committee Deputy Secretary Guo Wenqing met with Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Standing Committee Member and Tongliao Municipal PartyCommittee Secretary Song Liang. Both parties held an in-depth exchangeconcerningstrengthening non-ferrous metals, finance and infrastructure construction.

  Guo Wenqing warmly welcomed Song Liang and his group, and introduced the business development and strategic recombination of China Minmetals and the MCC Group. He pointed out that the new China Minmetals currently has total assets of RMB 1.55trillion, of which RBM 800 billion is for management financial assets. Itsfinancial services have realized a complete set of licenses, so it has vast developmentprospects. The new China Minmetals is maintaining good developmentmomentum. Guo Wenqing also introduced the relocation of Luoyang SINOSICO and the reconstruction plan of North China Aluminum, and gained a detailed understanding of Tongliao’s road and pipe gallery infrastructure construction plan.

  Song Liang thanked Guo Wenqing for his warm reception and introduced the regional advantages, industrial development advantages and urban development planning of Tongliao City, pointing out that Tongliao City is one of the three transportation hubs and energy centersof Northeast China. With prominent advantages inelectricity price, Tongliao City can provide powerful support for realizing profits forthe aluminum fabrication smelting industry and other industries. In addition, Tongliao has formulated a series of preferential policies on the investment promotion of financial industries. Tongliao hopes to further strengthen communications and cooperation with China Minmetals.

  The meeting was attended by related personnel of the Tongliao Municipal Government including He Zhiliang, Han Guowu and Gao Xiaowei, and related personnel of the Group Company’s functional departments, MCC, Minmetals International and Minmetals Capital including Zhang Mengxing, Ren Zhufeng, Yin Sisong, Gao Xiaoyu, Geng Yansheng, Leng Mingze and Leng Tiesong.


 Meeting venue  


 General Manager Guo Wenqing and Secretary Song Liang


  The attending leaders