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Guo Wenqing Visits Shanghai Baoye to Investigate and Guide Works
CopyFrom:MCC Date:24 February 2017
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  In the afternoon of February 20th, China Minmetals General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Group Chairman & Party Secretary Guo Wenqing visited the Shanghai Baoye Group to investigate and guide the works, held a cadre forum, listened to reports on the development situation of the company and made an important speech.

  At the forum, Guo Wenqing listened to the working reports and engaged in in-depth communication with Shanghai Baoye’s leaders, principals in Shanghai’s second-level unit Party and government administration, and principals of the functional departments of the Headquarters concerning the enterprise’s development strategy, market exploitation, project management and scientific and technological innovation. He spoke highly of the development of Shanghai Baoye in recent years and pointed out that such achievements were not easy to attain, so they should cherish them and work harder; earnestly summarize development paths, patterns and experience, and confirm and stick to the good aspects; at the same time, look for defects from the advanced central enterprises and best enterprises in the same industry, be full of fighting spirit, keep moving and set a good example in performance, brand, benefits and so on. Be sure to achieve RMB 30 billion in business income and RMB 1 billion in management profits in 2017.

  As for the future development directions and key points of Shanghai Baoye, Guo Wenqing proposed the following five requirements:

  First, select outstanding leaders. Using good leaders and making good use of them are the keys to developing business and the most successful experience of the MCC Group. Enterprise management depends on what the leaders do. Selecting good leaders at all levels is very important for enterprise development. Arouse the passion of the workers at all level to undertake pioneering work, and maintain the good development situation of Baoye by virtue of the responsibility consciousness and leading roles of leaders.

  Second, build a fair, upright, united, harmonious and dedicated cadre team. In order to attain further development, an enterprise has to have a reasonable, fair and upright cadre team which can distinguish right from wrong and make a clear-cut stand. As the enterprise is moving forward, all its leaders must raise their awareness, spirits and working passion. Especially when facing the new requirements of strictly governing the Party and ‘The Party manages the cadres’, the leaders of Baoye have to show strong uniting power, stick to unity and harmoniousness, and be dedicated. The leaders at all levels must set a good example, experience hardships first, make themselves an example and contribute joint efforts to building a better Baoye.

  Third, cultivate a love of the company in the staff. A decent enterprise can only develop with the efforts of all its workers, as well as their love and devotion to the company. All the leaders and grass-roots workers have to cultivate an awareness of cherishing their posts and devoting themselves wholeheartedly to their work, and love their company as they do their families. Every ordinary worker has to strengthen their sense of honor, sense of responsibility of being enterprise masters, and cultivate love for the company. Only if the staff at all levels unite as one and make joint efforts can the business progress and enterprise develop sustainably and fully.

  Fourth, aim at the market and projects, and elaborately manage the creation of profits. Baoye has developed to a certain level. Facing the subsequent spanning development, it has to combine with the goal of the new China Minmetals’ ‘Three Steps and Two Doubles', catch up with the development pace, strengthen strategic leadership, clarify the development path and make the profit guide stand out. The key task is to obtain large and good projects in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, conduct further careful development and expand its effects to the peripheral areas. At the same time, grasp the opportunity of the national ‘One Belt and One Road’ strategy, continuously expand overseas markets and strive to achieve new breakthroughs.

  Fifth, make Baoye an ‘elite’ brand. In recent years, Baoye has achieved good performance and a high market position owing to its famous project brand. Remain sober, initially add pressure, make progress every day, solidify professional power, make the integration power more outstanding, make the innovation power more active, and continuously promote the brand and give it new meanings. Have the courage to seize the commanding height and hold the high-end position in market exploitation, project management and science and technology innovation. Strive for a greater market share by virtue of your strength, create profits by virtue of the brand and continuously boost Shanghai Baoye to improve its development level.

  Finally, Guo Wenqing stressed that Shanghai Baoye is facing a new development opportunity. He hopes that Baoye’s staff will foster an ‘elite’ consciousness, exert the utmost efforts, strive to open up and always be the pacesetter and frontrunner.

  The investigation and research were attended by China Minmetals and MCC Group leaders including Zhang Zhaoxiang, Wang Shilei, Shi Dexin and Lin Jinzhen, and the leaders of relevant functional departments including Yan Aizhong and Jin Zhifeng.

Guo Wenqing gives an important speech


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