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Complete Set of Laser Cutting Equipment for LY High-strength Steel Supplied by WISDRI Put into Production
CopyFrom: Date:05 January 2022
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  On the afternoon of January 2, the complete set of laser cutting equipment supplied by WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd. (WISDRI) for high-strength steel of Hunan Valin LY Steel Special New Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully put into production. A batch of high-strength wear-resistant steel plates with a thickness of 16mm, a width of 1,955mm and a length of 12.35m were cut to several parts with fixed length. The cutting section was smooth and the cutting accuracy met the contract requirements.

  The complete set of laser cutting equipment for LY high-strength steel includes laser, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, with steel plate strength up to 1700MPa. It is the first set of system equipment applied to finishing production line of high-strength plates of moderate thickness in China, and is also another brand-new application of laser processing technology in the steel production field after more than 20 sets of laser welders are applied to the continuous production line of plate and strip in WISDRI.

  Previously, WISDRI's project of "R&D and Application of New Laser Arc Hybrid Welding Technology for High-end Continuous Plate and Strip Production Line" won the first prize of the 2021 Metallurgical Science and Technology Award. After nearly ten years of independent R&D, WISDRI has broken through a series of technical problems in the R&D of welding technology and complete sets of equipment, and innovatively developed a laser-arc hybrid welder for high-end continuous production line of plate and strip with solid lasers, realizing the production and application of laser welding equipment for refractory materials such as high magnetic induction silicon steel and martensitic stainless steel. It is also of great significance for promoting the development of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry with optical-mechanical-electrical integration and the progress of China's core technology in the high-end special metallurgical material plate and strip production line.