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The World's Largest Automatic and Fully Closed Bulk Materials Storage Transportation and Stacker-Reclaimer System of Shanghai Baoye Passes Heat Load Trial Run
CopyFrom: Date:30 November 2018
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  On November 30, 3SP stacker-reclaimer system plant of P3 shed passed heat load trial run for the Closed Transformation Project of All Gantries of Coal Fields contracted by Shanghai Baoye. All indexes met the requirements of design and specification and the plant successfully realized coal stacking.

  The Closed Transformation Project of All Gantries of Coal Fields of Baosteel is in the area of its raw material factory. It is a key project of closed transformation in response to the national call for energy conservation and environmental protection and is the world' largest automatic and fully closed system to store and transport bulk materials. Its stacker-reclaimer is the first full-gantry one in China. The completion of the Project will make positive impacts, including reducing the environmental pollution caused by coal dust and rainwater in coal fields, improving the surrounding environment and the mechanical operation conditions of coal fields, and decreasing equipment maintenance.

  The success of the heat load trial run indicated that the BC span of P3 shed realized the coal stacking operation and the site was in production instead of construction, winning the unanimous praise from the owner and supervision unit. Moreover, the success wins precious time for the early handover of P1 shed and lays foundation to the completion of P3 shed construction. At present, 4SP stacker-reclaimer has achieved the single trial of walking function. The Project Department will later fully push forward trial progress so as to complete all trials of 4SP stacker-reclaimer on schedule.