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Section II of MCC17 Kuwait 6.5 Ring Road Project Opens to Traffic
CopyFrom: Date:30 November 2018
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  On November 27, bridge No. 8 of Section II of Kuwait 6.5 Ring Road project undertaken by China MCC17 Group Road & Bridge Engineering Technology Corporation completed the pouring of the last combined box girder, making the whole line of Section II open to traffic.

  The bridge No. 8 of Section II stretches across the main hub 6.5 Ring Road. It is a key channel connecting the new-built university city and airport. Despite the tight schedule, heavy tasks, tough climate conditions, and other adverse factors, the project department formulated plans on a pro-science manner and realized well-organized construction. The project department worked out traffic diversion measures for four times and weighed the feasibility of traffic diversion plans. Relevant personnel were sent out to engage with local Ministry of Transport in plan approval and ensure scientific construction plans. Clear division of functions was made to subdivide various procedures for better connection. On-site workers were trained with detailed safety techniques to ensure strict construction. Schedule goals were defined. All staff of the project department worked hard to adapt to sandstorm, rainstorm, and other severe weather conditions, and lost no time in constructing important sections in good weather. As a result, the whole line of Section II opened to traffic, laying a solid foundation for the whole project construction.

  The Kuwait 6.5 Ring Road project is near to Kuwait International Airport and the Kuwait University City, which is under construction. The comprehensive construction project consists of roadbed, pavement, water supply and drainage pipe, bridge, transport facilities, gas pipeline, electric power, telephone cable, and other public facilities. The road after diversion has a total length of 18.5 km, with 12 flyovers and interconnecting bridges, nine pedestrian overpasses, two rainwater pumping stations, 12 km sewer pipeline, 27.45 km rainwater pipeline, 31.59 km water supply pipeline, and a designed speed 120 km/hour.