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MCC22 Signs Contracts for the Steel Box Beam Fabrication and Installation Project of Light Rail Phase I of Kazakhstan New Transport System
CopyFrom: Date:16 October 2018
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  On October 12, MCC22 signed contracts for the steel box beam fabrication and installation project of light rail Phase I of Kazakhstan new transport system.

  Astana light rail is the first urban light rail in Kazakhstan constructed by Chinese enterprises with complete Chinese standards and equipment. It is also the first unmanned light rail line designed and built by Chinese enterprises. Connecting airport and new railway station, the 21.39km-long Astana light rail passes by Office of the President, the Ministry of National Defense, and other landmark buildings. The whole line is built on overpass and is a backbone traffic line connecting the northeast and the southwest. When the line is completed, it will shorten commuting time by half for passengers traveling from one end of the line to the other. In the project, 22MCC takes charges of the fabrication and installation of the steel box beams between overpasses, involving an engineering load of around 2,800 tons.