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Shanghai Baoye Wins the Bid of the Steel Structure Testing Project of Winter Olympics Bobsleigh and Sled Center
CopyFrom: Date:10 October 2018
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  On October 8, Shanghai Baoye Engineering Technology Corp., Ltd. won the bid of the steel structure testing project of Winter Olympics Bobsleigh and Sled Center.

  National Bobsleigh and Sled Center is located on the southern hillside in the southwest of Yanqing competition area. Bordering Songyan Road to the south, the Center has an altitude of 877.5-1,041 m, a total occupied area of 19-plus hectare, and a total building area of around 60 thousand m2. It is equipped with 10 thousand seats (including 8,000 standing-room-only seats). The Steel Structure Testing Department of Shanghai Baoye Engineering Technology Corp., Ltd. will carry forward the MCC spirit “No work should be delayed for even one day” and Baoye spirit “Daring to be the first and seeking self-improvement”. With a strong sense of mission and responsibility, the department will ensure science-based testing and quality service. It will follow strict standards, provide precise, reliable testing data and technology support for the construction of Bobsleigh and Sled Center, in a way to make due contributions for the hosting of a “wonderful, remarkable and excellent” Winter Olympics.