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MCC Baosteel Technology Undertakes Zhanjiang Port’s Wharf 400 Overhauling EPC Project
CopyFrom: Date:03 July 2018
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  On July 1st, MCC Baosteel Technology’s Fourth Branch Company undertook the Zhanjiang Port Group’s Wharf 400 Maintenance EPC Project. The handover ceremony was held in the original Wharf 400 Mechanical Workshop.

  This project includes routine equipment overhauling, transportation insurance business, belt sulfuration, high voltage maintenance and protection, and special pathway exothermic welding business in the Wharf 400 region.

  In generally contracting this project, MCC Baosteel Technology’s Fourth Branch Company will give full play to the MCC spirit of “Never Delaying and Never Slacking”, lay a solid foundation for basic management, consolidate safety management and control, strengthen employee skills training, promote business capability, provide high-quality services for the owner and strive to forge a professionalized overhauling team so as to create smooth operating convenience for Zhanjiang Port.