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CISDI’s Leading Smart Steel and Iron Transformation and Upgrading Practices Earn Strong Response
CopyFrom: Date:03 July 2018
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  From June 25th to 27th, the AMM & WSD SSS XXXIII was held in New York, USA. As a gold-level sponsor of the annual meeting, CISDI attended with its full-process steel and iron engineering technology and smart technology and products, further enhancing its influence in the North American and even international steel and iron markets.

  In recent years, closely following the development and transformation of the international steel and iron industry, and vigorously developing the markets of developed countries in Europe and the Americas, CISDI has attended the two most important grand meetings in the US steel and iron industry for two consecutive years, namely the Annual Steel and Iron Meeting in the USA and the Steel and Iron Technology Meeting in the USA, with the identity of a gold-level sponsor, thereby integrating into the international market through technical exchange and expanding its circle of friends in the world.

  The World Steel and Iron Annual Meeting was jointly held by the American Metal Market (AMM) and World Steel Dynamics (WSD) in New York. The theme of the annual meeting this year was successful strategies in the steel and iron industry. The contents covered hot topics in over 232 steel and iron industries. The meeting was attended by 700 business leaders and representatives from steel and iron industries worldwide. WSD General Manager Philipp Englin, America Nucor Steel and Iron President John Ferriola and senior managers from USS, JSW, Baosteel and other important enterprises in the steel and iron industry delivered keynote speeches and discussed global steel and iron market dynamics, raw material pricing, technology breakthroughs and other key issues with the specialists attending the meeting.

  At the meeting, CISDI America Company General Manager Robert Smith publicized and explained on behalf of the company. In the context of a new round of scientific and technical revolution and industrial transformation with intelligence and information at its core, he expounded upon ideas concerning intelligent big data leading world steel and iron transformation and upgrading, and explained that the company will infuse intelligent big data into the whole process of steel and iron development practice, earning a strong response from the experts attending the meeting. At its exhibition stand, CISDI’s internationalized teams from its US and UK subsidiaries positively held discussions with clients, demonstrating how the transformation and upgrading capability and industry-leading intelligence technologies of CISDI could serve the European and American markets. Many clients and cooperative partners from the USA, UK, Canada, India and China held exchanges with CISDI’s personnel.

  During the meeting, every registered attendee was given a plastic bag bearing the CISDI logo, and the enterprise name of the gold-level sponsor could be clearly seen at the entrance of the grand meeting, background sign of the main meeting venue and official website, winning popular support for the brand image.