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MCC19 Wins Bidding for Meishan Iron & Steel No. 2 Steelmaking Intelligent Centralized Control Project
CopyFrom: Date:02 July 2018
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  On June 28th, MCC19 Group won the bidding for Meishan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.’s Steelmaking Workshop No. 2 Steelmaking Continuous Casting System Intelligent Centralized Control and Labor Efficiency Improvement Project.

  The No. 2 Steelmaking Project of Meishan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.’s Steelmaking Workshop was completed and put into operation by MCC19 in 2012. The Intelligent Centralized Control and Labor Efficiency Improvement Project won this time mainly comprises the smart transformation of the continuous casting system’s control system with a view to improving the safe operating coefficient of the system and enhancing labor and work efficiency. The contents mainly include adding new pouring robots to Conticasters No. 3 and 4 to realize the corresponding supporting reconstruction of functions including the replacement and cleaning of the long nozzles, oxygen-burning drainage, covering agent addition, thermometric sampling, hydrogen content of molten steel, TOS measurement, etc. by the robots; removing the original main double continuous casting control building and constructing a new 16.6 × 12.0 m Intelligent Centralized Control Center so as to realize the unified arrangement of the operating board of equipment related to the existing steel ladle, pouring box, cutting, ejection, etc., and achieve monitoring system transformation and upgrading, and remote centralized control; reconstructing and perfecting the intelligent operation, management and control system, including the perfection of such functions as blowing argon from the ladle bottom of the revolving platform of Conticasters No. 3 and 4, reconstruction of the negative pressure baking of the pouring box nozzles, upgrading and reconstruction of gas system information in the continuous casting area, addition of a voice module, realization of intelligent diagnosis, remote control and field anomaly voice alarm and prompt, and other smart functions. The project has a construction period of 548 calendar days and will be completed before December 31st, 2019.