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CFMCC Signs Contract for Jingzhou City Jingzhou District Shantytown Renovation Project
CopyFrom: Date:02 July 2018
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  On June 29th, CFMCC Group and Jingzhou City Jingzhou District Urban and Rural Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the design and construction of Section II of the 2017 Jingzhou District Shantytown Renovation General Contracting Engineering (EPC) Project.

  Located in Jingzhou District of Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, this project comprises the Taihun Huanjian Residential Quarter and Sanhong Huanjian Residential Quarter, and has a building area of about 651,600 m2 in total. Its completion will benefit 12,000 people in about 3,936 households, not only improving the living conditions of needy families and realizing their accommodation but also promoting the effective utilization of stock land and saving precious land resources, facilitating the better planning and construction of the city by the Jingzhou Municipal Government, and laying a solid foundation for further urban development. With the adoption of the integrated packaging cooperation mode, CFMCC is responsible for the Shantytown Project’s overall design and construction.