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MCC19 Wins Bidding for Shanxi Jinnan Iron & Steel Production Capacity Replacement Upgrade Project
CopyFrom: Date:17 May 2018
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  On May 14th, the MCC19 Group received a letter of acceptance from Shanxi Jinnan Iron & Steel regarding its Production Capacity Replacement Upgrade Project. MCC19 won a total of 5 sections of the project, covering iron, steel and public auxiliary systems.

  Located in Gaoxian Industrial Park of Quwo County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, this is an important environmental protection project constructed by Shanxi Jinnan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. with the concept of "reduction replacement, equipment upgrade and environmental protection priority". The sections won by MCC19 comprise the ironmaking system general contracting section A1 and blast furnace section A2; the third general contracting section of the steelmaking system; the general contracting public auxiliary system; and converter gas cabinet A1 and blast furnace gas cabinet A2. The contents mainly include the blasting material corridor, roof system, furnace system, casting system, slag processing system, crude gas system, main control building, etc. of the ironmaking system’s 2 × 1,860 m³ blast furnaces; steel processing system water treatment facilities and groundwater pipe gallery; first, second and third dust removal facilities; 80,000 m³ converter gas cabinet public and auxiliary system; and 200,000 m³ of gas cabinets and supporting facilities.

  The construction period runs from the contract signing date to the start of production: the ironmaking system’s No. 1 blast furnace should be completed within 12 months, No. 2 blast furnace within 14 months, steelmaking system within 11.5 months and public auxiliary system within 9.5 months.