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CCTV’s International Financial Report Broadcasts MCC Indonesia Ferronickel Project Video in “Belt and Road” Section
CopyFrom: Date:16 May 2018
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  On May 16th, in the "Belt and Road" section of International Financial Reporting on CCTV-2, Transnational Love in a Small Indonesian Island was broadcast, a thematic video on the Indonesian Obi Island Ferronickel Project planned by the MCC Group Party-Mass Work Department and shot by the MCC19 Group, which attracted the extensive attention and admiration of society and the industry.

  Taking the transnational love of MCC19 employee Cheng Yue as its theme, the video tells how Cheng Yue came to a remote island in North Maluku Province, Indonesia as one of the constructors three years ago where he encountered the beautiful Indonesian girl Susan and they fell in love. With the ongoing process of the Obi Island Ferronickel Project, this barren island has seen earth-shaking changes: the passenger ferry was opened, houses with brick-concrete structures built and roads equipped with street lamps, making the local villagers truly feel the rapid changes of life. During the implementation of the project, MCC19 preferentially hired local villagers, providing more than 3,000 jobs and greatly improving their incomes. In particular, MCC19 took various innovative and green and environmental protection measures so as to guarantee the project’s quality and help the production environment stand the test of the local conditions, thereby winning the collective praise of Chinese and Indonesian people alike. During the project’s construction, MCC19 took various green and environmental protection measures to improve the electrostatic precipitator until it reached a dust collection efficiency rate of 99.9%, while the recycling rate of industrial water reached 97.25% and zero pollution discharge was promoted for the centralized treatment of production and construction waste. Upon the completion and commissioning of the project, the extraordinary transnational love between Cheng Yue and Susan was stronger than ever, and they were due to get married. The video fully shows the positive contributions made by the MCC Group to facilitating foreign cooperation, boosting the industrial development of countries along the "Belt and Road" route, and realizing common prosperity, thus highlighting the Chinese philosophy of "shared growth through discussion and collaboration".

  The Indonesian Obi Island Ferronickel Project was invested in and cooperated on by Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes (China), the Singapore CI Company and the Indonesian Halida Mining Company, and constructed by MCC19. On February 6th of this year, the smooth realization of oven ignition on the No. 4 submerged arc furnace production line won the high praise of the investor Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes and the Indonesian management departments at all levels. They said that the No. 4 submerged arc furnace production line realized a double harvest of “on-site management and construction progress”.