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Shanghai Baoye Signs Contract for Shanghai Meishan Iron & Steel’s Hot Rolling Energy Conservation Reconstruction Project
CopyFrom: Date:26 February 2018
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  On February 24th, the Shanghai Baoye Group signed a contract for Shanghai Meishan Iron & Steel’s Hot Rolling No. 1 Heating Furnace Air Preheater Energy Conservation Reconstruction Project.

  This is a major environmental protection and energy conservation reconstruction project of Meishan Iron & Steel which will help to reduce the energy consumption of the heating furnace and improve its thermal efficiency. The reconstruction contents involve transforming the ordinary multitubular pre-heater into an efficient plate-type air preheater, which will greatly improve its heat exchange efficiency, reduce gas consumption and effectively solve such problems as the deposition of the multitubular pre-heater and efficiency decrease of the heat exchanger year by year. Upon completion, it will save the client gas expenses of about RMB 10.05 million and about 5,916 tons of standard coal, while reducing CO2 emissions by about 15,900 tons, SO2 by about 50 tons and nitric oxide by about 40 tons every year.