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MCC Baosteel Technology Wins Bidding for Baosteel’s New Carbon Material Upgrading and Transformation Project
CopyFrom: Date:24 February 2018
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  On February 23rd, MCC Baosteel Technology successfully won the bidding for the Shanghai Baosteel Chemical New Carbon Material Upgrading and Transformation Project, marking a good beginning for the company in expanding its technical improvement market. At present, the winning bid of the project has been announced and MCC Baosteel Technology's Construction and Installation Branch Company is actively cooperating with the owner to make all relevant preparations before signing the contract and commencing construction.

  The main tasks of this project include the transformation and upgrading of the pitch coke devices used by Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd. and building a new 91,000 t/a raw material preprocessing process and 50,000 t/a phase reaction process, as well as a newly built and perfected solid yard, etc. The construction contents mainly include all civil works and equipment installation works of the new carbon material devices and utility boundaries, including civil works, steel structure fabrication and installation, interior platform of the boundary, equipment installation, pipe prefabrication and installation, electricity, instrument equipment and cable installation works of the new carbon material devices and utility boundaries, as well as heating and ventilation, water supply and drainage, communication and fire alarm works on the boundary.