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MCC Baosteel Technology Undertakes Baosteel Cold Rolling Production Line Unmanned Renovation Project
CopyFrom: Date:28 December 2017
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  On December 25th, MCC Baosteel Technology’s Second Branch Company successfully undertook the Baosteel Cold Rolling Plant Slag Extraction Robot Renovation Project.

  Put into production in 1999, the Baosteel C208 unit is able to produce 350,000 t/y of two products: pure zinc and alloy. Put into production in 2005, the C308 unit was the first continuous hot galvanizing aluminum zinc unit independently integrated by Baosteel, reaching 200,000 tons in designed annual capacity. It mainly produces colorful baseplates and several medium and low-end appliance boards, with a greatest speed of 160 m/min in the process, 220 m/min at the entrance and 250 m/min at the exit.

  With a planned work period of 10 months, this renovation project mainly involves Baosteel Cold Mill’s C208 hot galvanizing unit and C308 hot galvanizing aluminum zinc unit. The construction contents mainly include adding automatic bale breakers at the C208 and C308 units’ entrances, an automatic slag extraction robot at the C208 unit’s zinc pot zone, an automatic sample/label robot at the C208 and C308 unit’s exit cut zone and other relevant auxiliary facilities. Upon completion, it will replace the original laborious unbaling and slag extraction work, achieve automatic sample separation, sampling, sample preparation, sample duplicating, temporary sampling and automatic labeling, and greatly improve the automation level of the units.