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MCCCE Wins Bidding for Liuzhi Special Region Agricultural Product Wholesale Market Construction Project
CopyFrom: Date:04 September 2017
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  On September 1st, the MCCCE Group’s First Company won the bidding for the Liuzhi Special Region Agricultural Product Wholesale Market General Contracting Project.

  Located on Jiulong Street (Jiulong Community Service Center) in the Liuzhi Special Region, this project covers a total land area of 227.4 mu and a total building area of about 116,177 m2. It mainly involves the construction of refrigerated storage areas, fresh storehouses, agricultural product testing centers, wholesale trading greenhouses, standard cabinets, electronic clearing, information centers (electronic clearing) and shops, as well as the procurement and installation of all devices, outdoor auxiliary facilities and other contents within the red line. The planned work period is 730 calendar days.