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MCC20 Wins Bidding for Shaanxi Xixian New Area Project
CopyFrom: Date:17 August 2017
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  On August 14th, the MCC20 Group won the bidding for the Xixian New Area Jinghe New City Global Trade Culture City • Global Brands Zone Project in Shaanxi Province.

  Located in Jinghe New City of Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, this project includes 1,350 ground source heat pump wells, 3 main ground source heat pump machines, 2 water-cooling machines, a chilled water storage device, water pipelines of all devices and so on. The air conditioning unit heating and cooling works include connecting all the pipes in the air conditioner rooms and installing pumps, as well as connecting the pipes of the centrifugal water-cooling machines from the flange to the water pump, and then connecting the water pump to the flange of the cooling tower. The devices include centrifugal water-cooling machines, circulating water pump, constant pressure water pump, water segregator and collector, automatic sewage disposal filter, water disposal equipment, main ground source heat pump machine and so on.