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MCC19 Wins Bidding for Shenzhen Higreen Agricultural Product Logistics Park Project
CopyFrom: Date:28 July 2017
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  On July 25th, the MCC19 Group won the bidding for the Shenzhen Higreen Agricultural Product Logistics Park Building No. 1 (logistics platform for hundreds of counties and thousands of villages) Construction Project.

  Located in Bainikeng Village of Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, this project has an area of about 6,300 m2 and an overall floorage of 111,477.84 m2, of which the aboveground building area is 91,042.80 m2 and the underground building area is 20,435.04 m2. The building has 3 floors underground and 32 storeys aboveground to a height of 99.9 m. Designed to mainly function as a warehouse, it has a structural reinforced concrete frame structure style. The engineering construction contents include earthwork, foundation pit supporting and structural engineering; basement and major structure engineering, and masonry engineering; construction engineering; waterproofing engineering; roofing works; foundation pit backfilling; the preformed and embedded holes specified in the architectural drawings, and coordination with other reserved and embedded related professional pipelines; electrical engineering; water supply and sewerage works; fire safety engineering; ventilation and smoke control, etc. The construction period confirmed upon winning the bidding is 738 calendar days.