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 MCC Baosteel Technology Holds First Round of Zhanjiang Steel’s Welders’ Skills Competition
CopyFrom:MCC Date:30 July 2017
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  At 9:30 on the morning of June 24th, hosted by the Device Department of Baosteel’s Zhanjiang Steel and held by MCC Baosteel Technology, the first round of Zhanjiang Steel’s ‘Master-Hands Confrontation’ welders’ skills competition officially kicked off at Zhanjiang Steel’s Overhauling Station No. 1. Zhanjiang Steel Deputy General Manager Liu Bo made a speech to start the competition, and the event was attended by Zhanjiang Steel Labor Union President Li Juan. Zhanjiang Steel Deputy General Manager Liu Xin and Chief Expert Zhang Xianhui took a special trip to Zhanjiang to guide the competition work.

  Since starting preparations for the activity in May, a total of 16 welder contestants are attending the ‘Master-Hands Confrontation’ this time. They were selected layer upon layer from the 4 units of MCC Baosteel, Baosteel Technology, Shanghai Baoye and Guangdong Topkey. The main purpose of the activity is to select ‘high-grade, precise and advanced’ talents from the overhauling system of Zhanjiang Steel, and practically enhance the skill level of staff members. Three events including welding wire connection, flat fillet welding and pressure vessel welding were faced by the contestants in this confrontation. After a full day of intense competition, MCC Baosteel Technology Company welders Ma Dongnan and Guo Lei respectively achieved good results, and took the first and third prizes.

  The Fourth Branch Company has earnestly carried out the Company’s ‘Thousand Talents’ Plan and positively carried out the cultivation of leading talents in adopting Zhanjiang Steel’s modernized equipment overhauling requirements and comprehensively promoting their maintenance technology capability and working performance.

  Since Zhanjiang Steel’s Blast Furnace No. 1 was put into production, the Fourth Branch Company has successively planned to construct training bases for bench workers, electricians, welders, furnace building workers and other skilled staff members, in accordance with the skills evaluation requirements of Guangdong Province, and at a high starting point and high positioning. It has deeply carried out school-enterprise cooperation and successively constructed a series of high-precision talent incubation cradles with Zhanjiang Technician College[A1] , Guangdong Farming Vocational Technical School[A2] , Maoming Dongfang Vocational Technical College[A3] , Gansu Jinchang Vocational Technical College[A4]  and other colleges. It has continuously enhanced the skill level of localized staff so as to achieve the comprehensive promotion of team construction, and forge an ‘Iron Army’ team with attainments, skills and efficiency that can be victorious.