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Steel Frame of Xianyang Airport Sectional Project Supervised by MCC Research Institute of Building and Construction Sealed
CopyFrom: Date:10 May 2017
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  On May 8th, the steel frame sealing in Phase I Section 2 of the Xi’an Xianyang Airport’s Chang’an Airlines Operation Base Extension Project was successfully completed.

  This project involves a multi-storey complex building. The flight staff apartment block (including employee restaurant) has a construction area of 69,731.20 m2, with 2 floors underground used as a parking garage and 8 floors overground accommodating apartments. The ground staff apartment block has a construction area of 37,682.35 m2 (329 rooms), 1 to 2 floor underground is underground garage and 1 to 8 floor overground is dormitory. The special garage has a construction area of 4,711.42 m2, 2 floors overground and 2 floors underground.

  This project is not only a fundamental guarantee and support for the Hainan Airlines Group’s Shaanxi aviation companies, but also an important building power of China’s ‘the Belt and Road’ strategy in Shaanxi.