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MCC Baosteel Technology Completes Synchronous Periodical Repair of 4 Units
CopyFrom: Date:10 May 2017
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  At 18:30 on May 8th, MCC Baosteel Technology’s Second Branch Company completed the synchronous periodical repair of 4 units of Baosteel Cold Rolling and Baosteel Automobile Plates after working for seven days and nights.

  Alloyed auto sheet is an important type of auto galvanized steel that has been widely used in the production of automotive bodies and outer panels. Baosteel’s 1800 galvanizing unit manufactured such featured products as advanced automotive steel that quickly promoted the brand on the basis of its progressive manufacturing capability and technological strength. In addition, Baosteel’s 2030 cold rolling 612 continuous annealing unit is the first continuous annealing unit produced in Baosteel’s initiative integrated mode. Without a sample unit in the world to refer to, Baosteel worked out solutions for the poor GI platability of super-strength steel, which was a world-class problem. Embodying the concept of ‘wise production’, the unit is equipped with robots for unbaling, extracting slag, sampling and labeling along the whole line, reaching a high level of automatic operation. The heavy periodical repair work included the 144-hour repair of the Cold Rolling Plant’s C612 continuous annealing unit, 120-hour repair of the Baori automotive board C508 galvanizing unit, 34-hour repair of the C808 unit and 22-hour repair of the A08 unit. Among them, the C508 unit was originally planned to close down for repairs on the 7th but it was changed to the 4th for production reasons, which seriously affected the initial plan and brought challenges for the repair works and manpower arrangements. The Second Branch Company successfully managed more than 900 workers in 207 mechanical and electrical instrument repair projects, 31 of which were high-risk projects

      MCC Baosteel Technology succeeds in synchronous periodical repairs of 4 units, including the Baosteel cold rolling unit and Baori auto sheet unit