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CFMCC Puts Hohhot New Energy Automobile Industrial Park Workshop No. 1 into Operation
CopyFrom: Date:10 May 2017
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  On May 8th, the CFMCC Group’s Wuhan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. put the Anode Plant Lithium Iron Phosphate Workshop No. 1 Project into operation in the Hohhot New Energy Automobile Industrial Park.

  Jointly constructed by the Tumed Left Banner Government and Shenzhen Optimum Nano Automobile Innovation Alliance, this new-energy manufacturing project of the Hohhot Jinshan High-tech Development Zone adopts the PPP construction mode. The total investment of the current construction project is RMB 7 billion, including RMB 3.5 billion for infrastructure construction. It covers an area of 1,041 mu, of which 420,000 m2 is used for seven construction plants including a lithium battery plant, diaphragm plant, anode plant, electrolyte plant, charging post plant and power assembly plant. The anode plant’s lithium iron phosphate workshop No. 1 was completed in January this year, becoming the first to be put into operation in the park after the equipment installation and commissioning phases.