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CTMCC Conducts Successful Thermal Load Test Run for Hebei Xinjin Reconstruction Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:07 March 2017
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  On March 3rd, CTMCC conducted a successful thermal load test run for Hebei Xinjin Mill Bar Co., Ltd.’s No. 2 Slab Continuous Casting Machine Reconstruction Project.

  Hebei Xinjin Iron and Steel is located in Wu’an City of Handan City, Hebei Province, at the junction of the three provinces of Shanxi, Hebei and Henan. With 18 steel factories, it is a city with huge market resources. The project involved the reconstruction of a double flow slab continuous casting machine with an annual qualified casting blank output of 2.1 million tons. The electric work was composed of 2,200 tons of mechanical equipment, 148 tons of ventilation and process pipes, one set of electrical equipment, more than 60 km of cables and instruments. The reconstruction had a tight schedule and multiple tasks involving many departments. The participating departments subdivided and implemented the reconstruction work, developed specific tracking plans, held a regular tracking meeting every day, inspected the project’s progress, promptly solved resource conflicts and guaranteed its timely completion.