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CTMCC Wins Bidding for Hunan Leiyang Smart City PPP Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:12 March 2017
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  On February 22nd, CTMCC won the bidding for the Dashi Circular Economy Park Construction and Development PPP Project, partof the comprehensive smart city development of Leiyang City, Hunan Province.

  Belonging to the second batch of demonstration projects inthe public-private partnership model of Hunan Province, this project will be constructed in two parts. The first is theDashi Circular Economy Industrial Park Development and Construction Project, which includes the construction of such supporting public services as urban infrastructure, a sewage plant, supporting waterworkspipe network, hospital, school, entrepreneurial center, logistics and standardized factory. The second is thesmart city information constructionof Leiyang, which hasa planning construction area of about 332,900m2, with 14km of municipal roads and about 42 km for thematching pipe network. The project’s construction period covers three years, with an operation period of 15 years.

  Located onthe east bank of Leishui Riverin the northeast of Leiyang City, this project has a total area of 4km2 and a construction area of 3.27km2.Positioned inan industrial development direction, the industrial park combines non-ferrous metal smelting, deepprocessing and product research, taking over the renovation, integration and relocatednon-ferrous metal smelting enterprises in Hengyang City and radiating through other regions inside and outside the province. Upon completion, the park will be a modernized circular economy industrial park with efficient production, complete facilities, a beautiful environment and a harmonioussociety, and an influential metallurgical manufacturing base in the south of Hunan Province. The Leiyang Circular Economy Industrial Park is invested in and constructed by the Leiyang People’s Government upon theapproval of the Hengyang Development and Reform Commission. It is an important platform for the key construction projects of Hengyang City and the urban economic transition of Leiyang City.