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NETC Commences Anshan Steel No. 2 Sintering Machine Circular Cooler Renovation Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:17 March 2017
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  On February 14th, NETC commenced the Anshan Steel No. 2 Sintering Machine Circular Cooler Renovation Project. The work period is expected to last for 35 days. The construction contents include dismantling, installing and debugging the main engine.

  Located in Anshan City of Liaoning Province, this project involves the first efficient multifunctional sintering circular cooler in the northern areas. To adapt to the northern winter weather conditions, the Sintering and Pelletizing Design Institute upgraded the frost protection of the annular flume and the drainage and desilting system, which not only solves the frost protection problem but also takes manufacturing and operation costs into account. A scraper is also added on the annulus seal plate to reduce the production and maintenance costs. After upgrading, the fourth efficient multifunctional sintering circular cooler will be formed. After the renovation, the air leakage ratio of the circular cooler will be lower than 5%, the power consumption of the cooling fan will be reduced by 40% and the generating capacity of tons of sintered mineral will be increased by 2~3 kWh. The operation environment will also be improved by a reduction of dust.

  This project can only be implemented in the blast furnace maintenance interval, so the time is limited and the workload is heavy. Once an error occurs in a certain link, it will cause delays and affect the normal development of the follow-up work. To ensure that the project commenced on schedule, the design team completed the overall plan of the engineering and main parts design of this project within 20 days, which reserves sufficient time for the later manufacture and installation work.