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Chen Jianguang Investigates and Directs Work at MCC Liangxiang Sewage Treatment Plant
CopyFrom: Date:08 April 2022
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  On April 7, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Chairman of MCC and China MCC, and Secretary of the CPC Committee of MCC, investigated and directed work at MCC Sewage Treatment Plant in Liangxiang, the satellite city of Beijing. Chen Jianguang visited the plant to inspect works on production and operation, safety in production and epidemic prevention and control. An on-site investigation symposium was convened for work reports. In his speech, Chen Jianguang fully recognized the work of Liangxiang Sewage Treatment Plant and put forward five specific requirements for work in the next stage.

  First, adhere to Xi Jinping's thought on ecological civilization to ensure high standards and quality in water plant design and operation. Guided by Xi Jinping's thought on ecological civilization and with a higher political stance, the current plant must be operated in a safe and efficient manner according to government requirements and design criteria, to well serve the local economic and social development and benefit people's lives, while the newly planned sewage treatment plant must be built with advanced technology under high standards and requirements to set a leading example for the industry.

  Second, accelerate the integration of water resources to strengthen MCC's business on eco-environmental protection. Efforts must be made to accelerate the integration of water resources and foster new competitive advantages to ensure the well-functioning of the MCC platform on eco-environmental protection and the sound development of MCC business in this field. A larger pool of high-quality personnel should be developed by fully sharing the existing experience and technology to strongly support the high-quality development of the MCC eco-environmental protection business, with a positive incentive mechanism mobilizing employees' enthusiasm and creativity to create a more positive and vibrant working environment.

  Third, increase investment in sci-tech R&D to continuously improve its core competitiveness. More work should be done to continuously improve water treatment capacity through larger investment in sci-tech innovation and water treatment process optimization, with a focus on addressing the technical bottleneck of sludge treatment. Relying on the accumulated advantages in experience, technology and talents, the plant should strive to improve its core competitiveness in the market and reduce production and operation costs, so as to obtain greater profit margins.

  Forth, strictly implement measures on safety, environmental protection and epidemic prevention and control to maintain overall safety in a long run. Safety training, management and awareness of work safety among employees should be strengthened. Leading officials should strictly implement the safety production responsibility system and conscientiously perform their duties to ensure work safety in accordance with the regulation of "the CPC and the Government assume the same responsibilities, double responsibilities for one duty, concerted efforts to fulfill responsibilities, and responsibility shall be claimed in case of dereliction of duty". Plant access management should be reinforced in strict accordance with the local government's epidemic prevention and control requirements to reduce unnecessary personnel flow; daily health monitoring of employees should be carried out on time, as a part of the comprehensive and in-detailed implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.

  Fifth, strengthen the guidance of and fulfill all tasks concerning Party building. While continuing works for the deep integration of Party building with production and operation, the importance of Party building should always be borne in mind and the requirements for comprehensively strengthening Party discipline should be implemented thoroughly. The construction of Party organs and Party member management should also be intensified to develop a powerful driving force in the new era and effectively improve Party building quality.

  Wang Zhen, head of relevant functional departments of MCC headquarters, Wu Shaohui, head of MCC Eco-Environmental Protection Group, Ma Xiaoxian, head of Beijing ENFI Environmental Protection Co., Ltd, and other officials accompanied the investigation.

  Chen Jianguang delivers a speech


  Chen Jianguang visits Eco-environmental Education Center


  Chen Jianguang investigates Liangxiang Sewage Treatment Plant


  Scene of the Conference