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Chen Jianguang Investigates and Directs Work at MCC Shenkan
CopyFrom: Date:04 March 2022
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  From March 2 to 3, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and a member of the Leading Party Group of the China Minmetals, Chairman of MCC and China MCC, and Secretary of the CPC Committee of MCC, investigated and directed work at Shenkan Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC (hereinafter referred to as "MCC Shenkan"). He convened a leadership symposium, listened to the work reports, and put forward specific work requirements for MCC Shenkan's works in the next stage. During his visit, he held a symposium with the young officials of MCC Shenkan, listened to their growth and work experience, and discussed with them the future development of MCC Shenkan.

  At the leadership symposium, in addition to giving recognition for the achievements made by MCC Shenkan in recent years, he put forward six requirements for the future transformation and development of MCC Shenkan. First, MCC Shenkan needs to focus on its main responsibility and business. MCC Shenkan should do a good job in exploring the market segments in its main fields, continuously consolidate and improve the industry influence and brand influence, and build a development pattern of "one major industry with multiple relevant segments" based on focusing on its main responsibility and business. Second, MCC Shenkan needs to improve the market layout. MCC Shenkan should closely follow the national development strategy, pay attention to the five hot urban agglomerations, focus on the high-quality market, and achieve full coverage of the regional market; MCC Shenkan should establish an incentive and restraint mechanism to encourage young people to venture into the market and intensively cultivate and develop the market. Third, MCC Shenkan needs to pay attention to preventing risks. MCC Shenkan should attach great importance to the risks existing in the transformation and upgrading of the company, control the direction of transformation and development, and promote the fulfillment of the major responsibilities; While seizing policy opportunities, MCC Shenkan should pay more attention to risk prevention and control, scientifically predict risks, objectively face risks and actively resolve risks. Forth, MCC Shenkan needs to strengthen the building of talent teams. MCC Shenkan should "promote the official team to be younger, structurize the leadership team, enhance the professionalism of talent, and cultivate inter-disciplinary leaders and officials", pay attention to the selection and employment of talents, unblock the career path for various professionals, and give full scope to the talents. Fifth, MCC Shenkan needs to strengthen the Party building. MCC Shenkan should fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and its plenary sessions, earnestly implement the work requirements of the Party Committee of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the Party Group of China Minmetals, and comprehensively promote the in-depth integration of Party building work and production and operation in accordance with the deployment arrangements of the Party building work conference of MCC, so as to further stimulate the strong motivation to promote the high-quality development of MCC Shenkan. Sixth, MCC Shenkan needs to pay attention to work safety and epidemic prevention and control. MCC Shenkan should always put work safety in an important position, strictly implement various detailed safety management systems, and pay persistent attention; MCC Shenkan should spare no effort to ensure the normalized epidemic prevention and control, pay much attention to epidemic prevention and control, strictly carry out supervision and inspection, and establish a closed-loop management network.

  On the afternoon of March 2, Chen Jianguang held a symposium with the representatives of young officials of MCC Shenkan. They had an in-depth exchange on the enterprise's future transformation and development and Chen Jianguang put forward three requirements for the future development of young officials. First, young officials should study the important speaking spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Training Class for Young and Middle-aged Cadres at the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC (National Academy of Governance). They must have solid ideal and faith, repeal the corrupting influence, establish a correct attitude toward their performance and power, improve their skills, uphold the responsibility and fighting spirit, adhere to the mass line of the CPC, temper the political character of loyalty to the CPC, establish the patriotism, pursue a noble and pure ideological realm, fight for and make contributions to the cause of the CPC and the people, and strive for greatness in the new era. Second, the important role of young officials in the transformation and upgrading of MCC Shenkan should be brought into full play. The proposal of the "two carbon goals" and the acceleration of the digitization process drive the profound reform of traditional industries such as metallurgical construction and infrastructure construction. Young officials should earnestly implement the spirit of the annual work conference of China Minmetals and MCC, give full play to their important role in the transformation and upgrading of MCC Shenkan, and shoulder the mission of "building a powerful China with metallurgy". Third, the work of cultivating enterprises and talents needs to be done well. As an old Chinese saying goes, "when cultivating plants, they want to expand and stretch, so they need to cultivate evenly with the tight original soil." Specifically, when it comes to the cultivation of enterprises and talents, we need to make a scientific assessment of the situation, formulate a correct strategy, maintain strategic focus, and achieve sustained and steady development; we need to create a more fair and equitable environment for development and inspire the passion and vitality of officials, employees, and officials to work hard; we need to cultivate excellent corporate culture, construct common value belief, form unified corporate will and cultural creed, so as to unite the team, coagulate the mind and gather strength; we need to formulate a sound and complete management system and norms, and constantly improve the management ability and level of the enterprise.

  Wang Mingbao, Yang Junling, and other leaders of MCC Shenkan, as well as Wang Zhen and Wang Hailong, heads of relevant functional departments of MCC headquarters, participated in the investigation.

 Chen Jianguang delivers a speech

Scene of the leadership symposium

Scene of the symposium of young officials