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Guo Wenqing Meets With the Delegation Led by Baldo Prokurica, Chile's Mining Minister
CopyFrom: Date:13 November 2018
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  On November 12, Guo Wenqing, General Manager of the Group Corporation and Chairman of MCC Group, met with Baldo Prokurica, Mining Minister of Chile, and his delegation. The two sides made in-depth communication and exchange on further strengthening their cooperation.

  Guo Wenqing welcomed Prokurica and his delegation, reviewed the long-term history of friendly cooperation between the two sides and introduced the grand occasions of the 9th Annual Conference of China-Chile Business Council convened recently as well as the first China International Import Expo. Guo Wenqing stated that China Minmetals paid a special trip to the exhibition hall of Chilean National Copper Corporation for exchanges and signed a 5-year copper cathode procurement contract of RMB 10.5 billion with it.

  He stressed that China Minmetals Corporation's strategic vision was to be "the first in China and the first class around the world". At present, the assets it manages reach RMB 1.68 trillion and the number of its employees is 200,000. China Minmetals Corporation demands for the development of metal resources urgently, especially copper, nickel, lead, zinc, lithium and others. It hopes that under the strong supports from Minister Prokurica, the two sides can give full play of their own advantages, further expand cooperation fields, deepen cooperation levels and create more cooperation opportunities for investment, merger and acquisition, long-term trade and other aspects to promote mutual benefit and development.

  Prokurica expressed his gratitude to Guo Wenqing for the warm reception and conveyed the cordial greetings from Mr. Pinera, President of Chile. He said that China-Chile partnership went back to ancient times and the future development was worth expectation. Chile is abundant in copper, cobalt, lithium, iron and other resources and a strong power to export important metal raw materials. Chile expects that on the basis of expanding the cooperation in metal resources field with China Minmetals Corporation, they can jointly develop and construct some cooperation projects with high additional value, such as copper smelting and lithium battery manufacturing, as well as the project of gravity concentration at tailing ponds with both environmental and economic benefits to which President Pinera pays high attention. Those projects not only contribute to the international operation of China Minmetals Corporation but also lead to new growth points for the economic and social development of Chile.

  Additionally, the two sides exchanged views on several topics of common concern, such as Chilean metal resources, refining technology and communication and cooperation models. And they stated that special working teams would be formed for further and better cooperation. Besides, they exchanged commemorative gifts.

  Luis Schmidt, Chilean ambassador to China and Jiao Jian, Deputy General Manager of the Group Corporation, attended the meeting. Gong Haomai, Chilean Minister Counsellor to China, Havel Gupman, Chilean cabinet director, Antonio·Canale-Mayet, director of the International Relations Office of the Office of the Minister of Mining of Chile and Xing Yan, Lu Zhifang, Li Zhicong and Zhao Jing from the head office and directly affiliated subsidiaries of China Minmetals participated in the meeting.


  Guo Wenqing presented the souvenir to Prokurica on behalf of the GroupCorporation


  Group picture of Guo Wenqing and Prokurica


  Guo Wenqing talked with Prokurica cordially


  Group photo of the meeting