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Guo Wenqing Meets with Zhang Enliang, Secretary of Hegang Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of Hegang Municipal People's Congress
CopyFrom: Date:14 November 2018
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  On November 13, Guo Wenqing, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Minmetals Corporation, and President of Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC), met with Zhang Enliang, Secretary of Hegang Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of Hegang Municipal People's Congress. Both sides exchanged in-depth views on further strengthening the development of new energy battery anode material market.

  Guo Wenqing said that China Minmetals is now in the forefront of domestic new energy scale and boasts mega projects on raw material mines of new energy, such as Guizhou manganese industry, Qinghai Lake of lithium and Papua New Guinea Ramu Ni-Co of the third largest laterite nickel mine in the world.  Its production scale is 100,000 tons in terms of battery cathode and precursor raw materials of new energy. It has accomplished the largest domestic precursor project of high nickel ternary materials invested and established in Caofeidian of Hebei Province, and has subsidiaries manufacturing cathode materials of 40,000 tons and precursor of 20,000 tons in Hunan. China Minmetals focuses on the resource sector to establish the full industry chain of new energy, making it a new economic growth point. Its subsidiaries such as ENFI, Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and Shen Kan Engineering&Technology Corporation are able to provide full process support including investigation, design, construction, exploitation and extraction, and possess mature technologies for extracting graphite and graphene.

  Guo Wenqing pointed out that China Minmetals has pushed into the anode material market and graphite industry to fill the gap in the anode materials of new energy power battery. Furthermore, he hopes that Hegang Municipal Party Committee and Government can integrate quality graphite resources and Heilongjiang Province can provide vigorous support. China Minmetals is so willing to deepen cooperation between two sides that it will set up an ad-hoc working group, hold a special meeting to discuss the cooperation plan, and accelerate the progress of the project. It will also actively participate in the comprehensive development and utilization of Hegang graphite resources and make contribution to Hegang's economic and social development based on the new energy fund of ten billion yuan and the most advanced smelting and separation technologies in China.

  Zhang Enliang briefly introduced the current situation of graphite resources in Hegang. He said that Hegang City boasts the best small flake graphite resources in the world which are the optimal choices for anode materials of power battery. As a large central enterprise with the advantages in technology, human resources and capital, China Minmetals expects that the two sides will strengthen cooperation, complement each other's advantages and rationally utilize and deeply develop ore resources to change the existing problems including the low-end industry, dispersed development and environmental pollution. Hegang Municipal Party Committee and Government fully agreed the suggestions and opinions proposed by China Minmetals. It will set up an ad-hoc working group in time to enhance coordination and communicate with the Provincial Party Committee and Government and Department of Land and Resources to integrate quality resources and as soon as possible. Furthermore, it expects to join hands with China Minmetals to create Hegang's graphite industry.

  Li Siyong, Secretary of Luobei County Committee of Hegang City, Li Xianguo, Deputy Head of Luobei County in Hegang, Liu Caiming, Vice General Manager and a member of the Party Committee of China Minmetals, and Zhang Mengxing, Wang Jionghui, Xiong Xiaobing, Wang Mingbao, Shao Bo and Qin Shibiao, related personnel of China Minmetals and MCC, attended the meeting.


  Photo of Zhang Enliang and Guo Wenqing


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