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Zhang Mengxing Meets With Kamal, Chief Minister of Balochistan Province in Pakistan
CopyFrom: Date:06 November 2018
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  On November 3, Zhang Mengxing, Party Committee Deputy Secretary of MCC Group and President of MCC, met with Kamal, Prime Minister of Balochistan Province in Pakistan, and his delegation at MCC Headquarters. They had an in-depth exchange on the development of Pakistan projects and further cooperation.

  Zhang Mengxing welcomed Chief Minister Kamal and his delegation, and expressed thanks for Baluchistan support and help for MCC's projects in Pakistan such as Saindak Copper-gold Mine Project and Duda Lead-Zinc Ore Project. He said that in October 2017, contract for the third lease term of Saindak Project has been signed and MCC will improve security work and have the confidence of well operating the project for the benefit of local citizens with support from the Government of Pakistan and the Baluchistan Province. As for Pakistan surrounding projects, MCC Group is willing to play a greater role in developing resources to assist the economic development of Baluchistan, thus setting a new example of China-Pakistan economic cooperation.

  Zhang Mengxing stressed that China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic partners and trustworthy friends. The bilateral friendship is deeply rooted in the hearts of Chinese people. MCC Group is a large-sized enterprise group with business ranging from engineering construction, resource development, and real estate to equipment manufacturing, and it is strong in city construction, sewage treatment, garbage-to-power generation and other fields. We hope both sides can develop more cooperation areas and make more contributions to the friendship and economic development of the two countries, based on fruitful cooperative achievements in the past decade.

  Chief Minister Kamal said, in the past several decades, Baluchistan Province has forged a profound friendship with MCC Group through the cooperation in Saindak Project and Duda Lead-Zinc Ore Project with apparent achievements, and has confidence in MCC Group's development and strength. New federal and provincial governments have been formed, creating more business investment opportunities. Based on good cooperation between both sides in the past, MCC Group is expected to bring its superiority and experiences in operation of mining projects into full play, and drive bilateral cooperation into a new stage.

  The foreign participants include Sajjad Ahmad, Assistant Secretary of the Chief Minister, Azad, President of Investment Committee, Salzab Kaka, personal assistant of the Chief Minister, Sabir Kayani, Secretary for Community Welfare of Embassy of Pakistan, and the Chinese participants include Zou Jianhui, Party Secretary and President of MCCT, Zhang Taoyuan, deputy chief engineer of NCMCC and others.


  Both sides' meeting


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