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Guo Wenqing Investigates Luzhong Mining and Holds Talks with Laiwu Municipal Party Committee Secretary Mei Jianhua
CopyFrom: Date:28 June 2018
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  On June 25th and 26th, Group Company General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Group President Guo Wenqing visited Luzhong Mining to conduct an investigation and guide the work. During his visit, he held talks with Laiwu Municipal Party Committee Secretary and Mayor Mei Jianhua.

  On June 26th, Guo Wenqing and his delegation visited the front line staff of Luzhong Mining, went to the underground production site to investigate the mining process, gained an understanding of the underground safety, technology, equipment, facilities and other situations, and held discussions with members of Luzhong Mining’s leading team and the responsible persons of key subsidiary enterprises and functional departments.

  At the underground packing room at Xiaoguanzhuang Iron Mine, Guo Wenqing shook hands with the front line staff, sincerely inquired about everyone’s working and living situations, expressed sincere thanks for their hard work and distributed heatstroke prevention items. He then went to the -500 m underground horizontal mining site of Xiaoguanzhuang Iron Mine while continuing to ask questions as he walked, carefully understood the mining production process, safety management measures, technical production level and technical indicators of the equipment and facilities, and expressed his concern and gratitude to the staff on duty underground in the Dispatching and Directing Center via telephone.

  During his underground field investigation, Guo Wenqing pointed out that Xi Jinping recently visited Shandong and put forward a series of new requirements for its economic and social development. The aim of the 2018 Forum for Central Enterprises to Help Old and New Kinetic Energy Conversion in Shandong is to implement the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping so as to help to achieve new development in Shandong Province. Luzhong Mining has a glorious history and has made many important contributions to national construction. As Luzhong Mining is currently in a critical period of transformation development, it is hoped that everyone will make greater contributions in terms of cost reduction, management improvement, high-quality development, etc. in accordance with the Group Company’s “walking for three steps, two doubling” goal requirements. The leading cadres should take the lead in implementing the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, shouldering their responsibilities, leading employees to develop the enterprise effectively, raising the income of employees and realizing the long-term prosperity and safety of the enterprise. Our staff must have strong love for the enterprise and regard it as their home.

  After the field investigation, Guo Wenqing listened to Luzhong Mining General Manager Xie Jixiang’s work report on stabilizing production, ensuring safety, reducing costs, improving efficiency implementing transformation development and so on, as well as Luzhong Mining Party Committee Secretary and Deputy General Manager Liu Dezhong’s situation report on human resources, Party building, style construction, ideological and political work, etc., and gave full affirmation to the related work and team building conditions. He then emphasized that Luzhong Mining is an important backbone enterprise and old enterprise which must accelerate the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, empty the cage to change the bird, let new buds sprout from the old tree, let the old enterprise embrace a new atmosphere and continuously promote the pursuit of high-quality development.

  Guo Wenqing then put forward five specific requirements for the future reform and development of Luzhong Mining:

  First, reform and innovation must be greatly deepened. Deepening reform and innovation should be carried out by strengthening the management and top-level design. At present, Luzhong Mining has non-obvious cost advantages and weak profitability, making it vulnerable to market fluctuations. The factory and mining area in which Luzhong Mining is located is relatively concentrated, making the level of management difficulty relatively low. It is necessary to make achievements in centralized and flat management so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  Second, internal potential must be tapped in order to achieve stable production and high yield. For high-quality development, the technologies, equipment and efficiency should be first-class. We should change our management concepts and operation principles, perceive the gap between the company and advanced mining enterprises, actively learn advanced mining technologies and vigorously promote small reforms and technological innovation. Efforts should be made to improve efficiency and carry out rational, well-planned and uninterrupted mining.

  Third, management costs must be substantially reduced. Cost reduction should start with the aspect of management. At present, the cost of RMB 550 /ton is uncompetitive, and all possible management measures should be taken to keep the cost below RMB 500 /ton. We must strengthen the supervision of key positions and strictly stop leakages. Key positions must be allocated to people who are loyal to the Party and responsible towards the enterprise.

  Fourth, full play must be given to the leading roles of Party members and cadres. The style construction of cadres should be strengthened to create a "leading wild goose effect". Through selecting and building role models, the primary level should be advanced and the enterprise management ability promoted so as to ensure the ability to undertake the goals of foreign mine operation and resource development.

  Fifth, safety management and integrity education must be strengthened. We need to fully implement the concepts of "life first and safety first". We need to put safety in a prominent position and take multiple measures to raise the level of essential safety and build solid safety defenses. We should conscientiously implement the requirements of the Leading Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group Company, strengthen integrity and self-discipline education, and work together to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

  At the meeting, Group Company Party Group Member and Discipline Inspection Commission Leader Lu Weidong also put forward suggestions and requirements for the future discipline inspection and supervision work of Luzhong Mining.

  Prior to the investigation, Guo Wenqing met with Laiwu Municipal Party Committee Secretary and Mayor Mei Jianhua in Laiwu City of Shandong Province. Both sides exchanged views on further strengthening cooperation between the enterprise and local government departments.

  On behalf of the Laiwu Municipal Party Committee and Government, Mei Jianhua welcomed Guo Wenqing, reviewed the friendly cooperation history between Laiwu and China Minmetals, and expressed his gratitude for the outstanding contributions that China Minmetals and its affiliated companies have made to the economic and social development of Laiwu, and his hope that the two parties will cooperate on the construction of a railway logistics park in the city. He then pointed out that the whole city of Laiwu has been earnestly learning and implementing the spirit of the important speech given by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection in Shandong, focusing on development and accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. He hopes that China Minmetals will give full play to its own advantages, further expand their areas of bilateral cooperation and contract more excellent projects in Laiwu. The Laiwu Municipal Party Committee and Government will create a good environment for China Minmetals’ investment and development, thereby achieving mutual benefits.

  Guo Wenqing thanked the Laiwu Municipal Party Committee and Government for the long-term support they have given to China Minmetals. He then introduced the China Minmetals’ operation and development situations, pointing out that China Minmetals and the MCC Group have greater strength and more prominent advantages following their strategic reorganization. The purpose of this trip to Shandong is to look forward to working with Shandong Province, share the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech during his investigation in Shandong, implement the concept of new economic development and actively cooperate with Shandong.

  As Guo Wenqing continued, Luzhong Mining is located in Laiwu and directly serves the city’s economic development. It has been developing continuously under the guidance of the Municipal Party Committee and Government in the long term, accumulating rich experience. However, there are also certain problems affecting its transformation and innovation development, which share the same goals as the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province. The transformation of old and new kinetic energy should also be carried out in the internal aspects. As abundant mineral resources exist in the central Shandong area, it is necessary to consider how to apply first-class mining technologies, speed up mining speed and accelerate development through technologies. We should actively implement the concepts of "green mountains and clear waters are golden mountains and silver waters" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and create conditions for the construction of green mines so as to achieve green development. It is hoped that Laiwu will continue to support the reform and development of Luzhong Mining. The MCC Group has many projects in Shandong Province, rich experience and advanced technologies in such fields as infrastructure construction, and unique advantages in such industries as sewage treatment and garbage incineration power generation. He hopes that the two sides will further strengthen their cooperation. The MCC Group is willing to make greater contributions to the development of Laiwu City.

  Guo Wenqing said that Laiwu enjoys rich railway resources and significant location advantages. After the two sides have carried out communication and discussions related to such matters as the revitalization of Laiwu’s railway resources and the construction of logistics parks, he hopes that the two sides will further strengthen their exchange and communication, and carry out meticulous planning for the specific work so as to ensure its operation as soon as possible and allow it to gradually mature.

  As the Party's birthday on July 1st was approaching, Guo Wenqing and other personnel also visited Laiwu Battle Memorial Hall to engage in traditional revolution education.

  Group Company Party Group Member and Discipline Inspection Commission Leader Lu Weidong also attended the meeting. The above activities were participated in by relevant Headquarters department and direct management enterprise heads Wang Jionghui, Ren Zhufeng, Xue Fei, Xie Jixiang, Liu Dezhong and others.