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Group Company Holds 2018 Grand Spring Staff Sports Meeting
CopyFrom: Date:17 May 2018
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  On May 12th, the Group Company held its 2018 Grand Spring Staff Sports Meeting at the Beijing Fengtai Sports Center. It was participated in by nearly 2,000 athletes in 42 representative teams. Group Company Chairman and Party Group Secretary Tang Fuping, Group Company General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Group Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing, leading group members in Beijing and more than 5,000 employees attended the Grand Meeting, and the leaders presented the winning athletes and units with awards. Ansteel Group Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Labour Union Chairman Yin Li attended the opening ceremony and led a team to communicate and exchange. Group Company Labour Union Chairman Liu Leiyun chaired the opening ceremony.

  Guo Wenqing gave the opening speech at the opening ceremony, in which he pointed out that as the first Sports Meeting to be held following the strategic reorganization of the China Minmetals Corporation and MCC Group, this is a grand meeting of unity, integration and friendship. Currently, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the Group Company creates new opportunities, meets new challenges and advances with large strides towards the goal of "Walking for Three Steps, Two Doubling". The Sports Meeting is not only an arena for athletes but also a grand stage for the reflection of the Group’s mental outlook. The Olympic spirit of "faster, higher and stronger" is exactly the strong intellectual impetus of the Group in marching forward to lead the world. He hopes that all the athletes will utilize these good conditions and huge enthusiasm to display their style and skills, demonstrate their solidarity and gather positive energy for constantly writing new chapters in the Group Company’s history of diligence, perseverance, innovation and progress!

  Later, Tang Fuping announced the opening of the 2018 Grand Group Company Spring Staff Sports Meeting. All athletes and audience members cheered with thunderous applause.

  At the opening ceremony, the staff of certain Beijing Group Company organizations carried out large group calisthenics performances. CRIBC organized 300 personnel to perform Tai Chi in order to promote the national cultural legacy, popularize Tai Chi and keep fit, showing a profound cultural background and youthful spirit in the new era. A total of 361 workers from MCC CERI and China ENFI jointly performed the large group calisthenics display “Brilliant Road” with colored silk, displaying their enthusiastic energy, passion beyond dreams and brave fighting spirit. Minmetals Development organized 400 employees to old a large radio gymnastics performance that was full of natural moves, lively rhythm and vitality, showing the spirits of unity, enterprise and initiative. The three performances were filled with grand scenes, orderly formations and great momentum, fully demonstrating the elegant appearance and behavior of China Minmetals people.

  At 9:30 a.m., Guo Wenqing fired the starting gun on the men's 100 m sprint competition and the games formally began. The competition was fierce in the track and field events, and the athletes ran, jumped, cast, sweated and constantly made tremendous achievements, highly demonstrating the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher and stronger". During the invitational ball games and various fun events, the team members worked closely, fought tenaciously and showed the good spirit of solidarity, cooperation and striving to be first of China Minmetals people; in the stands, the audience shouted, waved, pounded and cheered for the athletes.

  The games reached their climax at noon. The world champion Ansteel Group tug-of-war team, which had come all the way to Beijing especially to take part, and the Luzhong Mining tug-of-war team, the Group Company’s invitational tug-of-war competition champion, engaged in a friendly contest which not only demonstrated the heroic spirit but also deepened the friendship between state-owned enterprises, arousing the astonishment and applause of the audience.

  At 16:00 p.m., all the competition events of the Sports Meeting were over. Group Company Party Group Deputy Secretary and Deputy General Manager Dong Mingjun delivered a closing speech in which he encouraged all officials and employees to take the opportunity of this successful Sports Meeting to apply more enthusiasm and determination to their practical work and wonderful lives, and make fresh and greater contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the Group Company.

  The schedule of the Sports Meeting was intensive and unusually brilliant. There were 16 individual competition events, 1 group competition event, 5 fun group events, 1 individual fun event and 4 invitational events. A total of 28 units achieved a place in the top three in all events. The representative teams of Minmetals Development and CRIBC won the Outstanding Organization Award, that of China ENFI won the Special Contribution Award, those of Luzhong Mining and CFMCC won the Sports Ethics Award, and those of China Tungsten, High-tech Materials and MCC CERI won the Best Style Award.


  Sports Meeting venue


  Tang Fuping announces the opening of the Sports Meeting  

  Guo Wenqing gives the opening speech


  Competition field


  Competition field


  The Ansteel Group’s tug-of-war team in competition