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Guo Wenqing Investigates and Surveys Group Company Projects in Zhuozhou
CopyFrom: Date:08 April 2018
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  On April 4th, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Deputy Party Group Secretary and MCC Group Chairman and Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing and his delegation went to Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province to conduct an investigation and survey. Focusing on the China Minmetals Corporation's Zhuozhou Science and Technology Industrial Park Project, Juma River Comprehensive Improvement Project and others, he held an on-the-spot in-depth exchange with Baoding Municipal Government Deputy Party Group Secretary Xiao Zhanle, Zhuozhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Yanqing and Mayor Chen Yu, and put forward clear requirements for the project team's next step.

  Guo Wenqing and his delegation conducted an on-the-spot investigation of the proposed location site for the China Minmetals Corporation's Zhuozhou Science and Technology Industrial Park Project and Juma River Comprehensive Improvement Project, as well as the schools, kindergartens and special education school projects in the High-Tech Zone and Zhuozhou Vocational Education Park Project, extended warm greetings to the construction personnel fighting on the front line, listened to an introduction to the project's planning and construction situation, and gave on-the-spot guidance for the details of the project. Guo Wenqing stressed that Zhuozhou City is not only the bridgehead of the ‘Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development’ strategy but also the central node between Beijing and Xiong'an New Area, giving it an outstanding strategic location and regional advantages. The China Minmetals Corporation and MCC Group pay close attention to all-round and multi-level cooperation with Zhuozhou City. In particular, since the MCC Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Zhuozhou City, they have been guided by the national Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development strategy and gave full play to their own advantages in management, technology, talent and funds in transportation and municipal infrastructure, high-end real estate, eco-environmental engineering, underground comprehensive pipe galleries and other fields, and promoted the substantial progress of bilateral cooperation and the continuous commissioning of the major engineering projects. The China Minmetals Corporation and MCC Group are willing to enhance their communication and coordination with Zhuozhou City, accelerate the advancement of projects, jointly advance the high-quality economic and social development of Zhuozhou, and transform the city into an ecological demonstration area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development, while simultaneously exploring and accumulating more effective experience for future in-depth engagement in the construction of Xiong'an New Area.

  As for the project team's next step, Guo Wenqing put forward three definite requirements: first, the enterprise spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’ should always be kept in mind and practiced while speeding up the formulation of plans, quickening and boosting engineering construction, and ensuring the progress and efficiency of the work; second, full play should be given to the pioneering advantages of the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries’ so as to ensure the high construction quality and level of the Zhuozhou Project, especially the admission projects of the Science and Technology Industrial Park; and third, a steady, modest, simple and dignified work style should be promoted to aid the practical completion of the Zhuozhou Project. Upon the realization of the enterprises' own development, contributions should be made to the industrial upgrading and economic development of Zhuozhou City so as to benefit the public.

  Wang Yanqing pointed out that in the strategic cooperation between the MCC Group and the Zhuozhou Municipal Government, both parties focus on complementary advantages to allow different construction projects to proceed in an orderly manner, which has a positive effect on the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the coordinated development of urban and rural areas in the city. The Zhuozhou Municipal Party Committee and Government are paying close attention to the planning and construction work of the China Minmetals Corporation's Zhuozhou Science and Technology Industrial Park Project. It is hoped that both parties will enhance their communication and exchange, accelerate the project's progress, jointly overcome the difficulties and problems encountered during the project's advancement, develop broader and deeper cooperation based on the available projects, and realize mutual benefits and win-win results. The Zhuozhou Municipal Party Committee and Government will fully support the development of the China Minmetals Corporation and MCC Group in Zhuozhou City, ensure the project's advancement by providing higher quality and more efficient services, and create a more relaxed and convenient development environment.

  Accompanied by Group Company Vice-General Manager & Party Group Member, MCC Group General Manager and MCC Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang, Zhuozhou Municipal Standing Committee Member and Executive Vice-Mayor Wang Zhiqian, Municipal High-Tech Zone Party Working Committee Deputy Secretary and Management Committee Deputy Director Zhao Donghong, heads of related departments including Zhuozhou Development and Reform Bureau, Land and Resources Bureau, Planning Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, Coordination Office and relevant personnel of the related departments of the Group Company Headquarters, MCC Group, Minmetals International, Minmetals Development and Minmetals Capital Wang Shilei, Zeng Jianzhong, Ren Zhufeng, Liu Qingchun, Liu Fuming, Wang Cheng, Lu Zhifang, Han Guorui, Liu Yujun, Tang Zaorong, Zhu Jianguo, Jin Zhifeng, Zhang Yi, Yang Kui, Tang Xiaojin, Dong Chao and others attended the investigation.