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Wang Shilei Inspects and Guides MCCCE’s Work
CopyFrom: Date:19 March 2018
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  On March 14th, MCC Group & MCC Party Standing Committee Secretary and MCC Vice-President Wang Shilei and his delegation visited MCCCE to inspect the work, listened to MCCCE Party Committee Secretary and President Yao Jinchuan’s work report, and gave important guidelines for the work in the next step.

  Wang Shilei first visited the construction site of MCCCE’s Chongqing Jiangbeizui Financial City No. 4 Project and specifically learned about its situations in terms of safe and civilized construction, quality control and management, new technology application and other aspects. He pointed out that it has an orderly and regular construction site. The stirrup and steel pier anchor welding technology independently researched and developed by MCCCE and applied in the project has had sound economic effects and deserves publicity.

  Later, Wang Shilei visited the MCCCE Headquarters, listened to MCCCE’s work report about how to carry forward and implement the spirits of the MCC Group and MCC’s 2018 work meeting and 2018 honest administration and anti-corruption construction work meeting.

  Wang Shilei said that in 2017, MCCCE made remarkable achievements and great contributions for the MCC Group to complete its work. He then pointed out that MCCCE is very distinctive in enterprise governance in accordance with rules, project management, bidding management, enterprise culture construction and other aspects, opening up a very different development road. Four lessons can be drawn from MCCCE’s development and expansion course: first, MCCCE has powerful leadership which maintains the correct orientation, plans the overall situations and is dedicated to the enterprise and its responsibilities. Second, it has a united, aggressive and dedicated cadre team. From construction sites to organizations, MCCCE’s employees show an enthusiastic spirit. Third, MCCCE adheres to strategic guidance. It has one corresponding mission at every development stage and runs through it with practical actions. Finally, the enterprise has long placed emphasis on market expansion, brand construction and construction management, and truly grasped construction enterprises’ ‘ox nose’ management. Based in Chongqing, MCCCE has promoted the MCC brand in Tianjin, Gansu, Ningxia and other regions, obtained high praise from local governments and owners, and established a sound relationship between politics and commerce.

  Wang Shilei then put forward five requirements for MCCCE’s work in 2018: first, continue to increase the market expansion degree, pay close attention to high-end projects, especially iconic super high-rise buildings, large-scale engineering construction and road and bridge projects, and make breakthroughs in key regions and projects. Just one breakthrough can drive regional development. Second, continue to improve the project management level. MCCCE shall take the lead based on current project management, continue to deepen and publicize good experience and actions, closely follow President Guo Wenqing’s guiding spirit about ‘the construction of a subsidiary project management and control platform’, devote time and energy to constructing the management and control platform, grasping standardized management, constructing excellent projects and establishing MCC’s image, and create brands with quality and markets with brands. Third, devote time and energy to core technologies. Quality and technology are the two wheels of construction enterprises’ development; neither of them is dispensable. The application degree of core technologies into projects should be increased. Fourth, further enhance safety management work, put safety input in place and solidly implement major safety production responsibilities. Finally, further strengthen group management and control, raise every work to a new height and help the enterprise’s leap-forward development.

  The inspection was attended by MCC Group Chief Safety Officer and Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department Director Li Yulong, Project Construction Management Director Wang Hailong and MCCCE’s relevant leaders and department principals.