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Wang Shilei Visits and Conveys Greetings to MCC’s Subsidiaries in Shanghai
CopyFrom: Date:09 February 2018
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  As the Spring Festival approaches, the MCC Group sends festival greetings. On the morning of February 8th, MCC Group & MCC Standing Party Committee Member and MCC Vice President Wang Shilei visited and conveyed greetings to retired MCC20 Group Director and Shanghai Model Worker Wang Zhandong and retired Shanghai Baoye Model Worker of the original Metallurgy Department Zhou Yonghua.

  Wang Shilei first visited Wang Zhandong’s home to deliver the loving care and blessings of the enterprise. He particularly inquired about Wang Zhandong’s medical situation and current physical condition, expressed gratitude for Wang Zhandong’s contributions to MCC20’s development and enjoined him to take care of himself and recover as soon as possible. Wang Zhandong thanked the MCC Group and MCC20 for their constant care. He said that he will definitely take care of himself, continuously pay close attention to and support all the work of the company, and anticipate witnessing a more beautiful future for the MCC Group and MCC20.

  Later, Wang Shilei went to Zhou Yonghua's home, extended New Year blessings on behalf of the MCC Group and expressed his gratitude for the contributions of the older generation of MCC people to the prosperity of the motherland and MCC’s development. He then pointed out that the historic records set by the MCC Group in 2017 are closely linked to the foundations of enterprise development laid by the MCC people of an older generation, and the inheritance of MCC's spiritual wealth that they passed down. Wang Shilei and Zhou Yonghua recalled their time constructing Baosteel together in those years, and remembered the moving scene when Zhou Yonghua returned to Shanghai Baoye to publish the enterprise culture ‘co-creation way’. The scene was warm, sweet and brotherly. After learning about Shanghai Baoye’s rapid development, Zhou Yonghua was delighted and proud of the development momentum of Shanghai Baoye’s leading position. He said that although he retired many years ago, he consistently pays close attention to the development of Shanghai Baoye. He will always remember Shanghai Baoye’s cultivation and its provision of a large stage of technology application to serve the motherland.

  The visits were accompanied by MCC Shanghai Party Work Committee Secretary and Shanghai Baoye Party Committee Deputy Secretary Liu Jianping, MCC20 Group Party Committee Secretary and President Zhu Yonggui and others.