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Qu Yang Investigates MCC Projects in South China
CopyFrom:MCC Date:12 February 2018
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  On February 9th, MCC Group & MCC Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice-President Qu Yang investigated several MCC projects in South China.

  At the meeting, Qu Yang listened to an introduction to the company's profile, project management, safety protection measures and application of new technologies given by MCC Deputy Chief Engineer and MCC South China President & Party Committee Secretary Wang Zhenzhi, Shanghai Baoye Deputy General Manager Li Chengjian and CRIBC Deputy General Manager Zeng Bin respectively on behalf of their branch (sub) companies. Qu Yang fully affirmed the market development and project management of each branch (sub) company, and put forth four requirements for opening up the market in South China: first, we should have ideas. The construction of MCC is a life project. In the transformation of the old Baosteel into the new Baosteel, factory-type design and construction were ideas of our own. The subsidiaries should continue to apply advanced concepts in the construction of projects and cities. Second, we should have ability. MCC persistently pursues high technology construction with its 13 research and design units and 21,449 patents, ranking fourth among state-owned enterprises for four consecutive years. The subsidiaries should give full play to the spirit of scientific research in the construction of the MCC Corridor and further promote the raising of innovation in science and technology to the next level. Third, we must have a sense of responsibility. At the Party-building meeting of state-owned enterprises, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed that state-owned enterprises should be more upright, stronger, bigger and better, and that MCC should lead the way in taking responsibility for the transformation and development of infrastructure, integrated pipe galleries, beautiful villages, sponge cities and environmental governance. Fourth, we should have faith. Military-civilian integration was carried out to construct a Great Wall of iron and steel. To apply the technologies of the steel industry in livelihood projects and service various industries was carried out to further improve the national team of metallurgical construction.

  After the meeting, Qu Yang investigated the MCC Cross Gate Central Business District, Easy Fonda Financial Building, MCC Port Building, Hengqin Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery, Hengqin Chimelong and other projects, and sent New Year greetings to the front line staff and workers sticking to their posts during the Spring Festival.

  The investigations were participated in by Wang Zhenzhi, Leng Xuzhong, Zhou Jianfeng, Cao Jize, Jin Feng and other relevant personnel of the MCC Group and its subsidiaries.