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Qu Yang Meets Maanshan Cihu High-Tech District Party Working Committee Secretary and Management Committee Director Lang Ping
CopyFrom: Date:22 January 2018
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  On the afternoon of January 19th, MCC Group & MCC Standing Party Committee Member and MCC Vice-President Qu Yang met Maanshan Cihu High-Tech Party Working Committee Secretary and Management Committee Director Lang Ping at the MCC Headquarters in Beijing. Both sides held a deep discussion and exchange of views on enhancing their cooperation and jointly promoting relevant major projects.

  Qu Yang welcomed Lang Ping and his delegation and briefly introduced the MCC Group’s historical course and basic situations, pointing out that MCC Group has strong technical R&D and technology innovation ability, 53,000 scientific and technical staff, 20 national-level scientific research platforms and national key laboratories, and over 21,000 valid patents, ranking fourth among central enterprises for 4 consecutive years. It is also one of the most successful central enterprises in transformation, devoted to being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’. Urban infrastructure, rail traffic, high-end buildings, underground comprehensive pipe galleries, theme parks, sewage treatment, garbage incineration power generation and so on have become its main business sections and advantageous fields. MCC has completed many major projects at home and abroad, established many professional technology research institutes in underground pipe galleries, beautiful villages and smart cities, sponge cities, water affairs and fabricated buildings, as well as China’s first professional pipe gallery company, and become a comprehensive solution provider for urban problems. Recently, invested in and constructed by the MCC Group, the Zhuhai Hengqin Underground Pipe Gallery Project won the country’s first Luban Prize in the pipe gallery field. MCC is also the only enterprise in the country to hold the theme park design and contracting qualification; it has forged strategic cooperation partnerships with the American Dream Works and 21st Century Fox, and the Danish LEGO, and successfully completed many super-large cultural theme parks including Singapore Universal Studios, Shanghai Disneyland and Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

  Qu Yang said that the MCC Group is willing to discuss cooperation with Cihu High-Tech District, stay true to the original intention, positively perform the duties and fulfill the social responsibility of a central enterprise, build benchmark characteristic towns and serve local economic and social development.

  Lang Ping thanked Qu Yang for his warm reception and the MCC Group for the support it has given to the economic and social development of Maanshan for many years, and introduced the basic situations of Cihu High-Tech District. In August 2012, the State Council officially approved the establishment of the Maanshan Cihu High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It starts from the Jiangsu-Anhui provincial boundary in the north, seamlessly connects with Nanjing, the only megacity in the Yangtze River Delta, integrates with the main urban area in the south, lies close to the banks of the Yangtze River in the west and approaches Putang Scenic Spot in the east. With a planned and hosting area of 60 km2, it is a cutting edge of 800 li Wanjiang River and a bridge tower and intersection undertaking the industrial transformation of developed regions.

  The Maanshan Cihu National High-Tech District is a regional demonstration project of the national science and technology service industry, a national intellectual property pilot park and a national-level science and technology incubator. It has been listed among Anhui Province’s first batch of intellectual property demonstration parks, provincial new-type industrialization demonstration bases and provincial modern service industrial gathering areas. Lang Ping pointed out that the cooperation between Maanshan and the MCC Group will form a ‘powerful combination’. The functional departments of the Maanshan Cihu High-tech District Government will provide ‘five-star’ services. Lang Ping added that they will engage in full promotion, establish a special work team and further refine the work. He hopes that both sides will achieve accurate connection and communication, accelerate project progress and achieve win-win results.

  The meeting was attended by relevant Maanshan Cihu New Area leaders and relevant MCC Group and subsidiary leaders Peng Yizhong, Guo Wencai, Yan Dailong, Hu Jun, Wei Shouchun and others.