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Zhang Mengxing Visits Main Leaders of Tianjin Dongli District
CopyFrom: Date:22 January 2018
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  On the afternoon of January 16th, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing visited Tianjin Dongli District Party Committee Secretary Shang Binyi and District Mayor Kong Dechang in Tianjin. Both sides held a cordial conversation in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

  Zhang Mengxing first thanked the Dongli District Party Committee and Government for the long-term great support and care they have given the MCC Group and its subsidiaries in Tianjin, and highly praised Dongli District’s achievements in reform and development. He then introduced MCC Group’s historical course in detail, its new strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’, and the distribution of MCC subsidiaries in Tianjin, and merrily reviewed the cooperation history between the MCC Group and Dongli District.

  Zhang Mengxing pointed out that as a large-scale central enterprise, the MCC Group possesses strong technical R&D and technology innovation ability, and 20 national-level scientific research platforms and national key laboratories, and has ranked fourth among central enterprises for 4 consecutive years, becoming a solution provider for urban comprehensive problems. At present, MCC Group has reached new heights in all economic indexes and made remarkable achievements in high-end buildings, urban underground comprehensive pipe galleries, beautiful villages and smart cities, sewage treatment, prefabricated buildings and other non-metallurgical fields. The theme park field has also become one of the MCC Group’s new highlights and business cards, represented by Zhuhai Hengqin Island, Wuhan Optical Valley New City, Shanghai Disneyland Park, Hainan Sea Island and other projects. Zhang Mengxing said that Dongli District enjoys fast economic development, wide market space and obvious regional advantages. He hopes to continue to maintain a friendly and trusting cooperation relationship with Dongli District, conduct deep cooperation in regional development, equity cooperation, project general contracting and other fields, give full play to MCC’s technology and capital advantages, and make more contributions to Dongli District’s construction and development.

  Shang Binyi welcomed Zhang Mengxing and his delegation on behalf of the Dongli District Party Committee and Government, and highly praised the contributions of the MCC Group and its subsidiaries to serving the economic and social development of Dongli District. He hopes that MCC Group and Dongli District will maintain their good cooperation and further establish a long-term, stable, reciprocal, win-win, trusting, powerful and comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship. MCC Group is welcome to participate in Dongli District’s investment and construction, give full play to its own strength and successful experience, and achieve win-win cooperation.

  Zhang Mengxing and his delegation watched Dongli District’s advertising video in the presence of Kong Dechang, who also gave a detailed introduction to the district’s development situation in recent years. He pointed out that in recent years, Dongli District has been in ‘two key transformation periods’: the transition from rural to urban and the transition from economical to high-end, and the District Party Committee and Government have also continuously adjusted the economic development structure according to the new situations. He hopes that the MCC Group will continue to positively participate in Dongli District’s development and construction in the future. Both sides are expected to further deepen their cooperation and jointly promote Dongli District’s economic development.

  Before the meeting, Deputy District Head Yang Hao and Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited the Evergrande Expo Center, Tsinghua University (Tianjin) High-end Equipment Research Institute, the State Grid Corporation of China’s Northern Center and other stagnation zone projects.

  The abovementioned activities were attended by Dongli District Government Office Director Wang Feng, Construction Committee Director Bai Baozhong, Urban Construction Investment Company President Li Junlong, Dongli Lake Management Committee Secretary Tao Yuzhen and relevant department principals; MCC Group & MCC Standing Party Committee Member and MCC Vice-President Wang Shilei, and relevant MCC Group and subsidiary personnel Zeng Jianzhong, Shao Bo, Yang Kui, Yao Jinchuan, Zhu Jianguo, Wang Zhentang, Leng Tiesong, Zhang Mingxin, Wei Yunbo, Liu Yiming and others.