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Zhang Mengxing and Delegation Visit Cambodia Premier Hun Sen
Meet Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Xiong Bo during the Visit
CopyFrom: Date:11 December 2017
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  On December 8th, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited Cambodia Premier Hun Sen in Cambodia, and met Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Xiong Bo and Counsellor Li An during the visit.

  On the morning of 8th, Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited Cambodia Premier Hun Sen in the Cambodian Capital Phnom Penh. He firstly thanked Premier Hun Sen for his warm reception in the midst of pressing affairs then briefly introduced the MCC Group’s situations overall and in the Cambodian market, pointing out that as a Fortune Global 500 company, the MCC Group pays close attention to the Cambodian market. It has established a representative office in Phnom Penh and has 11 projects currently under construction. The contract amount is over USD 260 million, which ranks third among China-invested enterprises. This visit mainly involves conducting on-site inspections of major projects including the Port and Industrial Park Project in Cambodia, seeking for cooperation opportunities and making contributions to the rapid development of Cambodia. Later, Zhang Mengxing reported the progress situation of the Port and Industrial Park Project to Hun Sen. He thinks that the implementation of this project will improve Cambodian competitiveness in the Southeast Asian market and play a great promotional role in Cambodia’s industrial and economic development. Zhang Mengxing also discussed the project’s planning, location, products and other aspects with Hun Sen, and said that the MCC Group will use advanced concepts to complete the feasible demonstration of the project and approval decision-making procedures as soon as possible, combine the regional advantages of local enterprises with MCC’s technological, management and capital advantages, complement each other’s advantages and jointly promote all the projects. He also expressed the intention to establish a high-tech research institute in Cambodia and provide technology, investment and services for Cambodian development as a high-tech enterprise.

  Hun Sen welcomed Zhang Mengxing and thanked the MCC Group for its positive participation in Cambodia’s economic construction. He completely agreed with Zhang Mengxing’s judgment on the strategic meaning of the Port and Industrial Park Project, and hopes it will reduce Cambodia’s sea transportation logistics cost, attract investment from the enterprises of neighboring countries in the Special Economic Zone and help the Zone to become a generalized economic circle and comprehensive economic belt through MCC’s long-term planning. He then pointed out that arrangements were recently made for relevant workers to inspect the project at the site. He welcomes and supports MCC Group in establishing a high-tech research institute and hopes that the younger generation can approach and learn about high technology through the high-tech enterprise that MCC constructs. He also hopes that the MCC Group will further increase its investment in Cambodia.

  The meeting was attended by LCH Group President Lin Qiuhao, MCC Overseas President Zou Weimin, CRIBC General Manager Zhu Jianguo, MCC Maritime Work Department Director Xu Yongjie and MCC Overseas Cambodia Company Vice-General Manager Hao Zhaochun.

  On the afternoon of the 8th, Zhang Mengxing met Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Xiong Bo and Counsellor Li An, reported the situations of the meeting with Premier Hun Sen and the implementation of the Port and Industrial Park Project to Xiong Bo, and thanked the embassy for the support and help they have given the MCC Group. Zhang Mengxing also introduced the implementation situations of MCC’s projects under construction to the ambassador, explained that MCC will use its comprehensive advantages in industrial parks, urban development, sewage treatment, solid waste treatment, infrastructure and other aspects to increase their promotion degree, and expressed his hope that MCC will continue to receive instructions and support from the embassy.

  Xiong Bo said that Premier Hun Sen is pragmatic and he highly supports the practical cooperation between Chinese enterprises and Cambodia. He then pointed out that it is necessary to effectively carry out the pre-inspection work of major Cambodian projects and know about policies before making decisions. The embassy will continue to pay attention to the projects’ progress and give relevant support.