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Guo Wenqing Meets Gansu Provincial Party Standing Committee Member and Vice Governor Song Liang
CopyFrom: Date:13 July 2017
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  On July 12th, China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Deputy Party Committee Secretary and MCC Group President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing met Gansu Provincial Party Standing Committee Member and Vice Governor Song Liang。 Both sides conducted a thorough exchange concerning cooperation in such fields as nonferrous metals, infrastructure construction, finance and tertiary industry development。

  Guo Wenqing welcomed Song Liang and his delegation, expressed admiration for the idea of Gansu Province attaching importance to cooperation, realizing mutual benefits with central enterprises and jointly supporting and serving local economic development, and thanked the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Government for the support they have given China Minmetals and the MCC Group in the long term。 He then introduced the conditions following the strategic recombination of the two Fortune Global 500 enterprises: the new China Minmetals now has a total asset scale of RMB 1。6 trillion and 240,000 employees devoted to forging a metal mining group which is ‘First in China and first-class in the world’。 Under the strategic layout of the outstanding main businesses, anti-risk capability has been enhanced in such ways as moderate multi-element and light and heavy asset matching, and RMB 100 billion internal market coordination, thereby realizing the sustainable and steady development of the enterprise。 He pointed out that in the field of nonferrous metals, as the only state-owned capital investment corporation in the metallic ore field, the new China Minmetals’ quantity of such resources as copper, zinc, nickel and so on has entered the first echelon in the world, and connected a whole industry chain ranging from the acquisition of diggings to reconnaissance, design, construction, mining, mineral separation, smelting, logistics and trade。 Metallic ores are relatively abundant in Gansu Province, so both parties should further research integrating their resources and deepening their cooperation in the cross-shareholding mode。 In terms of infrastructure construction, by virtue of possessing 32 state-level sci-tech innovation platforms and key laboratories, and over 60,000 professional technicians, the new China Minmetals is willing and able to participate in the construction of highways, pipe galleries, airports, sewage treatment facilities, waste incineration plants, fabricated buildings and so on。 In finance, the new China Minmetals holds the full range of financial service licenses and enjoys remarkable advantages in trust, lease, security and other businesses, which will comprehensively support the development of cooperation projects。 In real estate, it proposes the multi-industry complementary advantages and joint development of both parties in order to realize win-win results。

  On behalf of Gansu Provincial Party Committee Secretary Lin Duo and Provincial Governor Tang Renjian, Song Liang expressed thanks for the support and assistance in economic and social development given by China Minmetals for many years。 He pointed out that China Minmetals possesses a good cooperation foundation with such key enterprises as the Gansu Jinchuan Group, Silver Group, JISCO Group, Gansu Rare Earth Group[A1]  and so on, and has invested in and constructed a batch of key projects including the China Minmetals Lanzhou Logistics Park, CISDI Lanzhou New District Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Project and others, through which the enterprise and the province have established a profound friendship。 Despite being a relatively underdeveloped province in the west, Gansu has a strong development foundation。 With the state-owned economy occupying 70% of the economic aggregate in the whole province, it has formed an industry system mainly focused on petrochemical engineering, non-ferrous metallurgy, coal power and mechanical electronics。 Meanwhile, Gansu has a unique resource endowment with known reserves of 111 mineral products。 Its identified resource reserves ranking first nationwide cover 10 ores including nickel, cobalt, selenium, platinum group metals and so on。 He hoped that both parties will continue to deepen their cooperation in the following aspects: first, the selection and processing of overseas ore resources, comprehensive utilization and deep processing of resources, nonferrous metal new material product development and other aspects; second, construction, operation and management of such infrastructures as highways and railways and other aspects; third, bond issuance, overseas financing, PPP projects and other aspects; and fourth, equity cooperation carried out in the fields of exhibitions and hotels。 Finally, he welcomed China Minmetals and all its subordinate enterprises to inspect the collaborative projects in Gansu。

  The meeting was attended by Group Chief Accountant and Party Committee Member Shen Ling, Gansu Provincial Industry and Informatization Commission[A2]  Party Committee Secretary and Director Zang Qiuhua, Gansu Provincial Government and SASAC Party Committee Secretary and Director Li Peixing, Gansu Provincial Government and SASAC Party Committee Member and Deputy Director Pu Peiwen, Jinchuan Group Party Committee Secretary and President Wang Yongqian, Gansu Province Electric Investment Group General Manager Li Hui, Gansu Provincial Highway Aviation Tourism Investment Group President and Party Committee Deputy Secretary Shi Peirong, and personnel from the relevant departments of the Gansu Provincial Government Li Bingxing, Gao Xiaohui, Su Jiang, Gao Chunyuan and Li Yong, as well as personnel from the relevant departments of the Group Headquarters, MCC Group, Minmetals Development and Minmetals Capital Zhang Mengxing, Ren Zhufeng, Wang Shilei, Yin Sisong, Xue Fei, Liu Qingchun, Liu Fuming, Zeng Jianzhong, Lu Zhifang, Tang Zaorong, Geng Yansheng, Leng Mingze and Chen Yang。