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Xu Xiangchun Meets Burma Jinshan Group Chairman Li Songzhi and Witnesses Signing of Cooperation Agreement
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 June 2017
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  On the morning of June 22nd, MCC Group Deputy General Manager Xu Xiangchun met a visiting delegation led by Burma Jinshan Group Chairman Li Songzhi at the MCC Headquarters in Beijing. Both sides conducted an exchange on development and cooperation in the Burmese market.

  Xu Xiangchun warmly welcomed the delegation led by Li Songzhi and briefly introduced MCC's basic information and development course in the Burmese market. MCC Southern Design Planning Research Institute General Manager Liu Bing introduced related contents including the overall situation, municipal planning and design of MCC Southern. Broad Homes Industrial International Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Huang Bo made a simple introduction of his company's business and emphasized the importance of demonstrating the contents of the fabricated building sector.

  Li Songzhi expressed gratitude for the warm reception of Xu Xiangchun and the introductions of the other two persons, and praised the technical ability and achievements of MCC Southern and Broad Homes Industrial International in relevant fields. He then pointed out that the MCC Group has prominent advantages in technology, funds and resources. The Jinshan Company possesses abundant local resources and information, and is willing to carry out cooperation in the national construction domain of Burma.

  Witnessed by MCC Group Deputy General Manager Xu Xiangchun and Burma Jinshan Group Chairman Li Songzhi, MCC International Engineering Co., Ltd. then signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Burma Jinshan Company.

  After the meeting, the delegation led by Li Songzhi visited the cultural theme park exhibition hall of CRIBC's steel inspection laboratory and Youlehui and Dexiangongguan assumed by MCC.

  The meeting was attended by Burmese representatives including the Burma Jinshan Company's Singapore Branch Company General Manager, MCC International General Manager Fan Jintian and Executive Deputy General Manager Gu Yuxiang, and the principals of CTMCC, China Jingye Engineering Co., Ltd., MCC Southern Design and Planning Research Institute and other companies.