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Wang Shilei Meets Zhengzhou Municipal Party Standing Committee Member and Executive Vice Mayor Wang Yuehua
CopyFrom:MCC Date:10 April 2017
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  On April 6th, MCC Group and MCC Party Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice President Wang Shilei met Zhengzhou Municipal Party Standing Committee Member and Executive Vice Mayor Wang Yuehua. Both parties held an in-depth exchange about implementing the spirit of the talk between China Minmetals General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing and Henan Provincial Standing Committee Member & Zhengzhou Municipal Party Secretary Ma Yi on February 16th, and accelerating the promotion of all the concerns of both parties under their strategic cooperation framework agreement.

  Wang Shilei first thanked the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government for the strong support they have given MCC for many years, and emphasized the introduction of work progress conditions since both parties signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. He then pointed out that President Guo Wenqing has paid close attention to the market in Zhengzhou, and MCC has convened special sessions on the market in Zhengzhou many times to research and discuss projects that both parties could cooperate on. In addition, to further increase the intensive farming of the regional market in Zhengzhou, MCC has established a leading group and work group in the market development of Zhengzhou, and will establish MCC Zhongyuan Construction and Investment Co., Ltd.  in the near future to plan and coordinate resources in the region, promote the progress of cooperation projects and serve local economic development. The relevant work is currently being promoted effectively.

  Wang Yuehua welcomed Wang Shilei and his delegation and pointed out that he will strongly support MCC in comprehensively participating in the economic and social construction of Zhengzhou City, and positively coordinate on the construction of the headquarters base (China Minmetals Financing Mansion). MCC has established a company in Zhengzhou and taken part in the development and construction of its public buildings and urban infrastructure, and Wang Yuehua plans to lead a team to visit MCC in the middle ten days of April.

  Both parties also engaged in thorough communication and exchange concerning headquarters base construction and site selection, the establishment and registration of MCC Zhongyuan Construction and Investment Co., Ltd., Minmetals Capital’s financial cooperation in Zhengzhou, primary land development and systemizing in four villages in the northern part of Zhongyuan District, construction of the Fourth Ring Road, rail transit construction, Huiji District Guxing Town Integrated Development, management and tax revenue of localized companies, and other matters in Zhengzhou.

  The meeting was attended by Zhengzhou Industry and Information Office Director Fan Gongxun, Municipal Construction Commission Director Liang Yuansen, Zhongyuan District Committee Secretary Wang Wanpeng, Executive Vice District Mayor Chen Chunmei and others.

  Wang Shilei also met with Henan Provincial Department of Transportation Deputy Director General Ma Jian while in Zhengzhou. Both parties conducted an in-depth exchange about the highway projects due to be constructed in 2017 and 2018 in Henan Province.

  The meeting was attended by Henan Provincial Department of Transportation Comprehensive Planning Department Director Wu Jingshun, Henan Province Charging and Repayment Highway Management Center Deputy Director Wang Qiandong, Henan Transport Investment Group Co., Ltd. Investment Department Head Sun Hui and others.

  The above activities were attended by MCC Communication Construction Group President Geng Yansheng, MCC Domestic Market Development Department Deputy Director Duan Meiliang, MCC Communication Construction Group Vice General Manager Wu Dang and others.