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Delegation Led by Wang Shilei Visits Baise in Guangxi to Inspect, Investigate and Survey
CopyFrom:MCC Date:06 March 2017
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  On March 1st and 2nd, at the invitation of the Guangxi Baise Municipal Government, a delegation led by MCC Standing Party Committee Member and MCC Group Vice President Wang Shilei conducted a two-day inspection, investigation and survey in Baise, Guangxi, and held talks with Baise Municipal Party Committee Secretary Peng Xiaochun. Both parties conducted a deep exchange on cooperation in such fields as municipal infrastructure, beautiful villages, industrial park development and tourism development, and reached a broad consensus on cooperating hand in hand, creating another Baise New City and promoting the prosperity and development of old areas.

  Wang Shilei first expressed gratitude for the invitation of Baise City, then briefly introduced the historical development and basic information of MCC. He said that MCC is a trailblazer and constructor of the steel industry of New China, assuming 90% of the design and construction tasks of domestic large-scale steel enterprises, holding 60% of the global metallurgical construction market and obtained rich achievements in the four industrial sectors of project contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource development. In recent years, MCC has practiced its new strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking a road of high-tech construction in the long term’, and succeeded in its completing transformation. It has achieved proud performance in such fields as comprehensive pipe galleries, smart city, beautiful village and sponge city technology, theme parks, water environment technology and the health preservation industry, completed many large-scale projects in emerging industries and become a solutions expert for urban comprehensive problems. MCC is willing to give full play to its own advantages in design, construction, technology, funds and so on, carry out deep cooperation with Baise City in such fields as municipal infrastructure construction, industrial park development and beautiful villages, and help to promote the prosperity and development of old areas.

  Peng Xiaochun welcomed the delegation led by Wang Shilei and highly affirmed MCC's powerful strength as a central enterprise with a long history. He then pointed out that Baise City, situated in the west of Guangxi, is a large channel for the southwest area to go to sea and leave the country. Expressways have been opened up in 90% of the counties and districts throughout the entire city. The Nanning-Kunming and Yunnan-Guangxi High-Speed Railways pass through the whole area, and it has ports serving aviation, water transport and border trade. Baise is also an old revolutionary base area and a minority area, with plentiful tourist resources including red, green and nationality tourism, and it enjoys the diverse favourable policies of the country, place and ASEAN Free Trade Area. At present, the Municipal Party Committee and Government has made the significant deployment ‘advance eastward to develop Baidong New District and create another Baise New City’, sparing no efforts to boost the development of Baidong New District. He hopes that Baise and MCC will join hands and strengthen their cooperation in such fields as urban infrastructure construction. The Municipal Party Committee and Government will provide high-quality services for MCC's development in the city, transform Baise's resource advantages into development advantages, and realize the win-win results friendly cooperation of both parties.

  The delegation led by Wang Shilei also made field visits to such places as Jingxi Port and Baidong New District, and held and hosted an on-site promotion meeting. Wang Shilei deployed the work for such projects as the infrastructure construction of Baidong New District, Shenzhen Small Specialty Town, Baise University, Star Lake integrated development and Baise Convention & Exhibition Center. He requires all relevant units to keep their accounts well and conduct strict control. It is necessary to establish connection work groups for cooperative projects as soon as possible while strictly controlling project risks. It is necessary to work hard to complete the relevant matters in the earlier stages of cooperation as soon as possible, and actively advance the landing of projects.

  The above activities were attended by Baise Municipal National People's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Wei Ruiling, Standing Committee Member and Deputy Mayor Yang Shengjun, Municipal Government Deputy Secretary General Wu Junnian, Municipal Development and Reform Committee Director Luo Cheng, Baidong New District Party Working Committee Deputy Secretary Zhou Yongzhi, CISDI Party Committee Secretary Pan Biyi, Shanghai Baoye General Manager Chen Gang, MCC Investment Management Division Director Yang Kui, Domestic Market Development Division Deputy Director Duan Meiliang, CFMCC Deputy General Manager Xie Dayong and comrades in charge of relevant units.